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DirtTV: Val di Sole World Cup practice 2012

DirtTV: Val di Sole World Cup practice 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Boooosh! Val di Sole is on!!! DirtTV day one practice session from the Parkin Bros is live!

  1. getonyourbike


  2. Jack

    Sooooo good!!!

  3. vps

    Awesome Edit you guys!!!

  4. Sam

    Great vid, that remix was bloody awful though

  5. vps


  6. Paul Bettany no. 1 Fan

    matti lehikoinen is still the sexiest man on the circuit

  7. fordy

    love to see danny hart gettin close to that tree at full speed, pinner.

  8. Jon

    Ipad fail! Best wait until I get home!! Looking forward to it.

  9. billy

    @grafikabode I’m on a Mac and mine plays fine! What browser etc do you use, I’ll pass it on to the techies.

  10. Michael Gölles

    …so great!

  11. iceman2058

    Is it too late to sell half my fantasy team? LOL LOL

  12. grafikabode

    Cheers. I’m running Chrome, does it on other browsers and other Mac workstations, with HD off. Could be some Mac specific codec bobbins methinks.

  13. JC

    Footballers could learn a thing or two from World Cup downhillers, Gee still racing despite big off and recent broken leg, Matti’s taken a right beating a still there, big respect.

  14. Bren

    Gotta feel for Matti. It’s such a battle to get the head right after serious injury. Respect to CRC Nukeproof for sticking by him and supporting him through it.

  15. Jon

    @billy, should the vids work with an iPad/iPhone?

  16. PeteyG

    great edit…as always.
    Can’t wait for Sunday.
    Thanks DIRT!

  17. Gert B. Fobe

    Gotta feel for Matti, must be so hard to find the motivation to get winning loose. There should be a charity for ex DH racers. Like battersea dogs home but less fleas.

  18. Carl

    @Jon – not at the moment as they use flash. A new player will come in the near future.

  19. Ainsley Harriot

    Usually dont like this dubstep rubbish, but this video was too sick to even notice! Harts manual towards the end was nuts!

    Keep on Cookin’

  20. james crilly

    that was brilliant

  21. horse

    Most of us here will never know what Matti is going through. Racing DH has been his whole life since he was a teenager and to have it ripped away from him so many times, just as he was on top of his game must be awful. He may recover physically but there is also the mental recovery which it seems Matti is not quite there yet.

  22. Jerome

    Great Vid as ever!

  23. tomer

    What`s the name of the song?

  24. booboo

    Great riding. but…
    1. PLEEASE Dirst, Open A Vimeo account so we can see the vid without cuts EVERY 3 secs.
    2. Dubstep is already getting old. Move on.
    3. Yes, I am a whinger.

  25. Rob


  26. James Rothwell

    Easily the best edit for a long long time, slow mo was used in the right moments!

  27. Max

    7:18 is INSANE!

  28. DIRT HQ

    Ahh Parkin brothers, you really are spoiling us. Great work.

  29. dhiobsessed

    Yeah choppy vid here too on a well functioning Mac, fully buffered video. Can’t ever watch in HD.

    Great vid, incredible bike control from Gwin and Hill

  30. booboo

    “3. Yes, I am a whinger”
    THX HQ for adding to my comments..
    without ‘whinging’ things often don’t get better..LOl.

  31. Down n Dirty

    Cheers Dirt

  32. DHZ




  33. Cow

    MPORA, please update to HTML5 , flash is dead…

  34. Max

    awesome edit and shots. hate the music choice.

  35. Swhooopaaa

    Oh man I think I watched Danny Hart @ 7.16 about 10 times, dat control. I wonder how many riders would have been over the bars splatted to the tree at the point where he basically pinballs about riding on the front wheel.

  36. Nic


  37. OliC

    big ups to Horse for his post about Matti. and of course best of luck to him!

    also agree about the music, got by bored ‘pop-step’ years ago. i wonder are the parkin bro’s just winding us up???

  38. Thebear

    Jaysus! You guys are NEVER happy with the music!

    be happy we’ve got free videos!

    Also…remember PMB video from last year with the In Flames sound track?! MORE LIKE THAT! 😀

  39. binturong04

    dude. .WTF Dirt? your vids have been glitchy and infuriating for months. i want to watch. i want to come to the site everyday and get stoked for your vids..but i cant. because the player sucks. update the media platform. PLEASE!!!!

  40. Mr B

    I’ve never enjoyed dubstep, until now! That edit was so good it made the music work. Also I can’t thank you guys enough for buying the red!
    I’m not usually one to comment on edits often but that one was truly excellent.

  41. le jacques

    loving it!

  42. adude

    Sign me up to the anti dubstep campaign. Cancer of the ears. Apart from that , wicked :)

  43. Joe

    Sick sick sick sick sick Sick sick sick sick sick!!!!!

  44. Brian

    So disapointed, trying to watch on android using flash player. Was like looking at v.lucas photos with soundtrack. Seems its been like that for a few months now on dirt, what’s the beef? Sort it out mpora please!!

  45. Ross

    great video and mix any body know what dubstep version that was? dirt killed it

  46. Nikolaienko

    Real good. What music is it?


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