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DirtTV: Val di Sole World Cup finals Chit Chat

DirtTV: Val di Sole World Cup finals Chit Chat

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Aaron Gwin, Danny Hart, Gee Atherton, Troy Brosnan and Cam Cole give us the lowdown after a truly amazing WC finals in Val di Sole.

OMG!!! What an amazing race! It was soooo scorchingly hot that the DirtTV camera went into meltdown during Gee and Danny’s interview. Hope that doesn’t spoil things for you too much, in fact if you were here at Val di-esel Sole drinking the local brew that’s how things looked!

Bananarama keeps us entertained.

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  1. gobzilla

    Jayzus that was some race so it was.

  2. Dirty Dee

    agreed, i can barely wait for World Champs so i can’t!

  3. Tom

    Without sounding like a hater on Gwin, well done and all that, but I cant put my finger on it. Even though he destroys everyone seemingly, he does it in such a boring, non-eventful way that it doesnt make you happy to see him win. Would have been sick to see Dannys lairy as f*ck, balls out run, right on the edge, take him to a super-cool first win. Top respect to Gwin, but for the spectators, he’s bloody boring to watch IMO! What a race though, awesome season!

  4. Ali Todd

    Does Billy have a bet on with someone about how many times he can say “scorch” in these Val di Sole posts? There’s been at least one in every post so far…

  5. Ric

    @Tom its boring because he makes it look so easy! I know what you mean when your watching it and the split comes up and he’s about 5 seconds up and its like how the f*ck did that happen?!?!

  6. fordy

    @tom totally with you there fella re gwin, gutted for hart i just watched his run back 3 times on freecaster and it was immense, hart for gold in a fortnight?? fkin hope so!

  7. Tim

    I’m not on the whole Gwin is boring thing. Boring would have been saying “I’ve won already, I’m saving myself for worlds”, not I’m going to go and nail qually then go even faster in my race run. Gee’s awesome on this track and he was 4 seconds up on him, 7 seconds up on Minaar! Impressive I’d say.

  8. Tim

    Ps. Danny’s run was magic – hope he pins it Champery. Troy also, awesome.

  9. og-de-norcal

    I think Gwin is super exciting to watch… always low and fast, attacking and scrubbing the crap out of every little hit. That’s what it takes to win. It’s usually not until someone makes a mistake or crashes that you can really comprehend how fast they are going.

  10. nub

    Yea, I’d say top 5-6 guys were just amazing. I mean, Greg put a good time, then Gee just smashed it, for a while I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to beat him, then Danny flew and put like 2 seconds up on him! And then came Gwin…

  11. gwintacular

    gwin is just too good that riding on one of the toughest track in the circuit just looks unequivocally Easy. others will interpret it as “boring” but the reality is, the other riders are just lesser bike handlers than gwin for having to ride @their limits/on-the-edge/balls-out blah blah blah with all their drama while gwin handles his bike only the way a bike should be controlled– as a winner. i’d put my money on winners like gwin anytime and watch him ride faster than the rest,more smoothly, completely under control from start to finish, & still be the most humble and chilled bike rider in the history of downhill racing. no one will ever be as modest and humble as gwin and annihilate the competition @the same time. i’ll leave it to the losers to do their “balls-out/on-the-edge” riding.

  12. GWINworship

    lol look at all those twits bitch and moan like wussies. they’re probably not americans. i can’t wait for gwin to win worlds next so i can totally rip all u wannabe americans a new one. Aaron Gwin means God the Father in californian (that’s cali-speak for all u wannabes.)

  13. TemeculaN

    It’s about time an American is on top of the World in dh mtn. biking. It’s also cool that he lives in Temecula. I’ll be drinking with my buddies to Gwin’s success so far and in the future. I’m hoping that HE will consistently dominate the sport for as long as humanly possible without getting injured or crashing at all. All Hail Gwin. God Bless America.

  14. crashalot


    A ……………… T


    TI ………………………………. ME!

  15. worthy

    THAT RACE WAS SICK!! this is what the sport needs. gwin,hart, brosnan are the new era. what’s happenin now is gwin is pushin the rest of the field to ride like bar stewards to even come close to his times! for you guys saying gwin’s boring, just check his yeti vids and 3mg! did you really want 5 more seasons with minnar and peaty down the track? i’m lovin the new boys comin throu and we all should embrace it or this sport will fade from our screens. gee for worlds!

  16. Matt

    Awesome race, amazing track, that one is going to take some beating.
    Like worthy said, great to see the whole field being pushed to the limits, and the young guys pushing through.
    And Warner and Pagey were on top form, proper edge of your seat racing and commentary.

    GWINworship – if you are actually serious. Get a life!

  17. abraham

    whoever stated, “…it doesnt make you happy to see him win” [sic] is an idiot. i will tell everyone here exactly how happy i am to see gwin win.
    i am so happy that i am willing to do exactly what my namesake did in the bible; i am willing to sacrifice my child or childern (even if i don’t have any)because i’m so happy to see gwin win. moreover, i’m also willing to sacrifice other’s child or children just so i can see him win. i am that happy to see him win for sure.

  18. binturong04

    i remember at the start of the season after ft. william someone called gwin a “pretender”. pretty good at pretending to dominate the entire field, smash out a new WC single season winning record, and on the toughest track of the year, put massive time into the best riders in DH. if its minnaar winning, hes boring, if its gee, hes too arrogant. everyone has something to say about everyone else. the only thing that should talk is the end result. these are the best riders in the world, when they win, its because they were the best composed on the day. thats it. simple. and now, having an american on top of the box, well, you watch and see how good it is for the sport.

  19. Tricki

    Comment on Gwin being boring to watch: You have to remember where he’s coming from – MX. Riders who cross over from MX tend to ride their bikes fast and straight, they don’t bother with the small stuff, just looking for the bigger, faster lines and let the bike do the work. Gwin sets up his bike well on the firm side so he can hit the bigger stuff, sacrificing some small bump sensitivity. Next time you watch him, try to check out his lines and what he really is doing before you judge. Today he had at least two line choices no one else did, and they were shorter and faster than anyone elses. I agree that he’s not as spectacular as Hart to watch, but man is he fast and got skills. The beauty is in the details :)

  20. raddog

    Gwin has totally raised the bar this year. Everyone is going to be training that much harder during the off season! 2012 will be killer. We shouldn’t also ignore the fact that an American on the top spot is also likely to bring an increase in sponsorship revenue into the sport. Considering the level of athleticism, skill and risk involved in competing at Worldcup level, the sport is massively under funded. F1 stars that drive around in circles have nothing on these guys. Hat’s off to Gwin. He’s the best thing that has happened to the sport for a long time.

  21. iPIlot

    The kingdom should give Danny Hart a title for that run

  22. raddog

    Danny Hart’s run was worth 4 WC wins. To ride out there like that on such a rough and nasty track takes balls the size of planets. Mere mortals would have pulled it back in after the 1st sketchy moment, but not Hart. I think that’s probably the most out there downhill run I’ve ever watched!

  23. DAN W

    Not sure what to say, we got some haters and some lovers, weve got some admirers and some uninterested folks giving the opinions. Now thats all fine and good and not to take anything away from any one, but step out ur front door get on ur bike and sprint sprint as hard as u can donw the nastiest piece of tera firma u can find. the steeper the better. time urself. now cut that time in half and the guy who finished last today they guy who placed 80th, he just beat you, in fact he went twice as fast as u. best riders on the planet, roughest conditions all season , respect what these men and women are doing. all of them.

  24. gTuz

    That was nothing short of insanity. As an Aussie I gotta say I’m pumped for Troy, he is on his way to the top and it’s awesome to see him doing it so early in his pro career.
    BUT HOLY JEZUZ! Danny “heart attack” Hart is the best rider to watch, hands down. One of my favourite riders for sure. Had me outta my seat hollering like a goon.
    As for Gwin, you can’t hate the guy for winning, and he’s not even an arrogant prick before or afterwards. It’s refreshing to see a champ from the US be so modest and just have fun out there. A perfect attitude for the younger kids watching to adopt.

  25. Stooky

    i find the contrast between Rob Warners comments and the comments on here quite intersting. everyone here saying Danny was out of control but Rob saying that his run was very controlled for him. i thought apart from the last corner Danny’s run was one of the smoothest put down by any rider on the day, apart from Gwins.

    Killer race! Quality track, can’t wait for worlds to see what hill can do against the top 4!

  26. NsfGirls

    This was an amazing race!

  27. Dirty Dee

    Troy’s bottom section was unreal and as Rob and Nige said, very similar to Sam Hill’s doomed Worlds run. If he had of let it loose a bit more on the top I reckon he would be close to 1st spot. Danny Hart – what a ripper, but you can’t take it away from Gwin who was composed and in control on a brutal track.

  28. robbonzo

    I’ve gotta say, for me it was the best race of the season so far. That track is soo narly and the way these guys attacked it fearlessly was mindblowing. It is such a great sport to watch and be involved in and I hope it keeps growing, gets some more money pumped back in so it can all progress. All the top five runners were awesome especially hart who was feckin insane in the 2nd half of the track. Now go nail the worlds, hart!!!

  29. dhracer

    Gwin reminds me of Nico Vouilloz…..never looked that fast but he was and that is the key.

  30. chris

    I have to agree with who ever said that Gwin is a bit boring. The world cups are such a huge spectator sport that if every one rode like Gwin it will be very boring. we need those balls out runs like Hart!!!! i was so agree when Gwin won because i thought that Hart deserved the win, Gwin already won the championships, i thought it was time for something different. Danny Hart on the top step!!

  31. craig

    steve peat has never looked fast and loose. his portfolio says it all.

  32. Jamazepam

    Regardless of whether you think Gwin is boring or not and doesn’t ride like he’s balls out. He still won the race by 1.2secs fastest at both splits, without looking like he was on the ragged edge. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast guys.

  33. ronin

    but doesn’t Gwin have a little bit of that – quiet not over the top demeanor but watch me slice this mountain in half with precision quiteness Vouilloz-ness in him? yknow..the bike does ALL the talking. so, not bad company to be in me thinks.

    for the record- can we get Warner to ALWAYS call DHart’s run?!! it’s like a rave on blow such good fun when you make it out alive in the end!

  34. yankee

    grats to the rest of the riders and without sounding like a non-american hater (more specifically a euro hater), but other than gwin and minaar, no other riders r consistently as smooth. they don’t do that lame foot-dabbing, sticking a foot out to control their bikes and none of that bs wasted movement on the bike while going fast crap. those two ride their bikes the way champs should… by keeping their bodies as “quiet” as possible on their bikes. everytime i watch gwin and minaar ride, i just know that they’re true champions coz they’re just too smooth, too cool, too calm and they’re just badass like that. i cringe when i see other riders ride down like a bunch of failures with their foot sticking out and the dabbing bs is just pathetic. anyway, i’m not hating, they’re all gr8 riders and much respect to what they do for a miniscule amt. of $. they basically risk life and limbs for a measly penny and they deserve so much more than that. a toast to all the riders but i’m betting on gwin in worlds

  35. fordy

    @yankee, gwin may well win worlds in fact he prob will but he will do it lookin as you say “quiet”?! personally i hope hart or bryceland do it getting loose cos if im paying freecaster £15 i want to be entertained not put to sleep

  36. ronin

    lame foot dabbing. as opposed to inadvertant full body dabbing. do u have an instructional video of your trail kung fu out for these lame pathetic failures you speak of so they can hate themselves less?..maybe one for some moto guys as well.

  37. phlat albert

    you’re not hatin’ yankee but you are insulting some of the world’s best but you could be just playin’.

  38. Loonie

    @GWINWorship … Who the f**k wants to be American!?

    This is Dirt.

    (and even Pinkbike would agree…)

  39. rusty

    Billy, I’d love to get a look at your tape collection!

  40. cool hand luke

    what happened to the ladies interviews?????

  41. billy

    @luke, soz, got back late last night, started editing the ladies interviews and some of the files are corrupted:( Doing my best to sort it out now!

  42. AD

    I think you guys who say that Gwin’s riding style is boring should start you’re own sport. You could call it Freestyle Down Hill. Instead of racing against a clock, you could have judges decide who’s the best, kinda like figure skating. But this sport is racing, against the clock. The winner is not decided by 100 different people with 100 different opinions. The winner is the guy or gal that has the fastest time. Pure and simple. I’ve been a race fan for a long time now and I’ve noticed that the truly great racers on two wheels, whether it be on GP bikes, Motocross bikes, Bmx, Flat track, Speedway. They all have one thing in common. They are incredibly smooth and make what is very difficult look easy. If you think Gwin is boring, it just shows your lack of knowledge/maturity of what racing is all about.

  43. Robert

    No DirtTV finals video? The camera issues in this one led me to wonder if something happened to the race footage.

  44. cool hand luke

    @billy, thanks mate, i always look forward to hearing from the girls as much as the guys.

  45. usarocks

    @AD: Amen brutha. and too bad there’s no ladies post-race chit chat.


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