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DirtTV: Val Di Sole World Cup DH qualifying chit chat

DirtTV: Val Di Sole World Cup DH qualifying chit chat

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Wooo, what a scorcher of a qualifying session at Val Di Sole, Italy! Check out all the inside gossip here!

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  1. Tom_

    “C’est la bombe” hell yeah!
    Gee’s gf is quite annoying though – his sarcasm doesn’t help either!

  2. Steve

    who wears short shorts! that dude cutting timers off wears short shorts!!!

  3. TomD

    Awesome to see Warner in the background, can’t wait for some epic commentary on Sunday!

  4. Dogboy

    Myriam Nicole is awesome!

  5. furaxrider

    Ya, that guy’s shorts were just WRONG!

  6. billy

    The short short guy was kind of disturbing!

  7. bucibeka

    This Danny Hart looks more and more like Baldrick from The Black Adder!!!!

  8. Tricki

    This is Italy, what do you expect? Dudes in short shorts is default down there.

  9. Tricki

    Actually I’m amazed no one was wearing speedos and a slack tank top….

  10. Eoin

    OMG Gwin is chuck norris!!!!!! It all makes sense now

  11. Nema

    Is ‘Frith’ Gee’s gf?

  12. jack

    Wot the fuck is that mush wearing during the pugin interview. cover up ya streak of piss!

  13. James
  14. Dirtybird Racing

    f’in a man. exciting. i would love to see stevie hold it together for the win…but it would be amazing to see hart walk away with it…but but brosnan is just smokin these days…too many pinners, too little time

  15. david graf

    here at the bmx worldcup in london italians even ride in short shorts…

  16. Zorg

    Hah ha…that’s classic.. short shorts.
    I would wear it easily. Few beers and I would even wear speedos just for laughs :)

  17. glenn

    Gwin looks like a white version of S.Mouse from Angry Boys. Nice to see him smiling for a change!

  18. Paddy

    who likes short shorts? ……………….Italians
    Who likes Gnarly corses?………………..Danny Hart
    Who is gonna win?…………………………….

  19. LOL

    danny can say bye bye to his fit gf lol

  20. Jack

    Brosnan is such a sick dude, would love to see him pin the pants off this track!

  21. cool hand luke

    HAHA short shorts, im so glad it happened though, you need guys like this..
    Myriam Nicoles sneaky laugh was funny.

  22. squady

    myriam nicoles is a babe, cheeky girl !!!!

  23. ben

    @Nema yup

  24. Med

    whats happened to Danny’s hair…………can’t call him the Redcar Redneck without his mullet!!!!!!!!

  25. guido

    who is frith? I’d sure like to butter her muffin. Plus Gabe from Devinci has the thickest canadian accent since the South Park film

  26. Dan

    Thanks for the footage Dirt crew, all these edits really add to the race weekends. It’s great to see you guys embracing technology, I can’t imagine life without dirt in print or online.


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