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DirtTV: Val Di Sole - Race Day Introduction

DirtTV: Val Di Sole - Race Day Introduction

Steve Jones gives us an introduction to Val Di Sole World cup, with a guest/accidental appearance from Rob Warner.

  1. matt

    loving these edits. keep em coming.

  2. Emmanuel Chalifoux

    This is what i call interesting talks.
    Good, stait forward, clear and simple.

  3. jimmyfids

    great vid. Keep em coming for the rest of the season please

  4. Jono Drew

    Jones last little bit made him sound like the Kevin McCloud “Grand Designs guys” of Downhill.

  5. Hank Stamper

    That was great. It was analytical DH commentary for the adults. Need much much more of this. Looking forward to more. Great work. Thanks.

  6. Packer

    Great stuff! Like these sort of vids – more pls


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