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DirtTV: Val Di Sole Qualifying 2012

DirtTV: Val Di Sole Qualifying 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Banging Val di Sole, World Cup qualifying action from the Parkin Bros and their friend Big Red.

  1. Deon

    …been pressing my F5 button since 07:30 this morning waiting for this one – thanks Dirt TV!

  2. Tom_

    Gave me goosebums all over. Sweet work boys!
    The track is claiming a lot of victims though.

  3. sebvdb

    Hi Dirt tv,
    Thanks for this beautiful video and nice music !

  4. iloper

    he’s right. Just lean back and hold on…

  5. Conor

    Slugger is looking pinned!

  6. rossgo

    so good SO GOOD blows my mind

  7. Big Dawg


  8. HUX

    the name of the song ?????please!!

  9. enri

    this year your videos just got to another level…mint!

  10. g

    absolutely brilliant video. The best ive ever seen from you guys, the quality of the footage and the combination of the soundtrack was brilliant. That shot in which the plume of dust is shot up into a ray of sunlight coming through the trees, amazing stuff.

  11. ben

    whats the music?

  12. Benji

    Aaron Gwin….. composed as a clothes peg.

  13. Christo

    song is ‘Karma’ by Weekend Wolves

  14. Jack

    sweeeet vid!
    also…has Hart been training or eating, looking in the cheeks!

  15. dirkenstein

    10/10 lads.. crackin footage!

  16. luke_redroot

    Fantastic footage, great stuff!


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