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DirtTV: Val Di Sole Helmet Cam 2011

DirtTV: Val Di Sole Helmet Cam 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dan Stanbridge gives us a running commentary on the bonkers Val DI Sole World Cup track in Italy.

Have to say, hats off to Dirt/Norco rider Dan Stanbridge…he was a bit reluctant to provide a running commentary…but it’s amazing how persuasive a couple of slices of pizza can be!

Stanny trying to juggle the DirtTV mic as well as navigate the steepness of Val di Sole.

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  1. jonny

    did a good job of the commentary for his first try

  2. Stooky

    Good effort Stanny! billy you might need to get more pizza in!
    Wish I could ride that fast with out talking.

  3. VonDH

    Val Di Sole and Champery the best 2 courses on the world cup circuit with out a doubt cant wait for these 2 races.
    winners for val di sole (going out on a limb) Steve Smith and Rachel A.
    silly remark really so many top riders with their game on this year

  4. Max

    So is Sam Hill racing this weekend? Anybody know? He said something about it in his blog a time ago..

  5. rick

    haha a hammering journalist. Reminds me of Rob Warner shredding down Peats bike…was it Mt st anne? Val di Sole?

    Stanny’s bike looks so small. Does anybody knows what size he’s running?

  6. sideways sid

    Womens Institute Meeting Corner. Tee Hee. Well done Stanny. Seems to be a bit of a theme going on. Rocks, roots, gullies, rocky rooty gullies, etc

  7. Dirt HQ

    Loving this, perfect. Stuck in the office here in the UK it makes me feel like I’m at the race. Perfect audio. We are lucky.

  8. Jack

    Sniper Roots!. Stanny.. What a lad

  9. craig

    That man is now a legend up there with warner. class. poshest Downhiller ever. fukin womens institute, love it more please stanny. u the man. stanny,braithwaite,ratboy, y DH is the bollocks

  10. Tim

    You just know the headcam isn’t doing the steepness/roughness justice… apart from the end compression when it sounded like Stanny took it hard in the peanuts!

  11. kimbers

    that was quality

    like the heavy breathing too, i reckon stanny should do a helmet cam during sex, would sound pretty similar i reckon

    huhuhu down the tight gully hhuuhuuh, waaahheeyyy………

  12. Ask Frank

    Awesome helmet cam and commentary. Looks like this is a real peach of a course. Great work DIRT!

  13. cycloholic

    Loving the sound of Stanny’s breathing during the commentary – the levels of concentration resulting in what sounds like just a hint of panic – it sounds exactly like what I can usually hear inside my own helmet on any dh run (only I’m going a lot slower obviously). The course looks nuts – can’t wait for the race…

  14. Leon

    @Kimbers , we done a head cam run on one of our trails , the guy riding stopped half way while filming and was breathing/panting in the same way , that point on our track is now called the porn stop !

  15. slam hill

    i wont be racing this wk..im riding Moto in Donga

  16. r-mac

    these mpora players are getting on my tits, utter shite players.

  17. jose

    well if we are talking about homemade italian pizzas, i’m sure most of us can do that and a bunch of other crazy stuff 😀

  18. billy

    r-mac…what problems are you having with the Mpora player, let me know and I’ll pass it on to the techies.

  19. scream

    a great track and a nice run from stanny

  20. Rick T

    Nice work. Great that he pointed out where Gwin crashed last year trying to double up on that bit. Looking forward to it.

  21. zac

    mmm i hope the pizza was tasty !

  22. geetee

    How did Stanny manage to ride down that and still hold the microphone for the commentary?


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