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DirtTV: Troy Brosnan and Tracey Hannah win at Mt Buller

DirtTV: Troy Brosnan and Tracey Hannah win at Mt Buller

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Troy Brosnan makes it two wins in a row in the Australian Gravity Cup by beating team mate Sam Hill.

Jake Lucas was at round two, Mt Buller, for DirtTV and brings us all the Aussie action. Tracey Hannah also makes it two wins from two races in the series and is looking up to speed for the 2012 World Cup season.

Troy Brosnan, Sam Hill, Bryn Atkinson, Ricky Boyer, Rhys Atkinson

Elite Male

1 Troy Brosnan SA 3:16.58
2 Sam Hill WA 3:19.40
3 Bryn Atkinson NSW 3:23.81
4 Rick Boyer NSW 3:23.86
5 Rhys Atkinson NSW 3:24.02
6 Graeme Mudd 3:27.12
7 Todd Madsen WA 3:28.65
8 Ben Cory ACT 3:28.71
9 Ben Power QLD 3:30.48
10 Angus Maddern SA 3:30.83

Elite Female

1 Tracey Hannah 3:48.25
2 Shelly Flood VIC 4:15.94
3 Trudy Nicholas 4:20.45
4 Madeline Taylor VIC 4:23.60
5 Michelle Crisp NSW 4:25.71
6 Lisa Mathison QLD 4:31.89
7 Jill Kintner NSW 4:34.16

Under 19 Male

1 Connor Fearon SA 3:19.19
2 Joe Vejvoda NSW 3:22.52
3 Henry Blake SA 3:23.70
4 Thomas Crimmins NSW 3:25.84
5 David McMillan ACT 3:25.94
6 Jack Moir NSW 3:26.13
7 Dean Lucas VIC 3:26.48
8 Trent Piribauer VIC 3:26.51
9 Luke Ellison NT 3:31.76
10 Brent Smith NSW 3:32.69

Under 19 Female

1 Danielle Beecroft NSW 4:06.76

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  1. VonDH

    Look at Troy pinning it. big things happening from this young un for sure this year

  2. xcgeekdotcom

    troys makin his mark. im excited to see how this will roll into the world cup season.

  3. Mushy
  4. Mushy

    sorry i meant second.

  5. Leon

    Go Tracey , 28 seconds back to 2nd place

  6. matt

    Connor Fearon was stupidly fast too with a 3:19.19 (ahead of sam hill!)

  7. CC

    Looks very summer there.

  8. Tim

    hoo hoo. Nice one Troy.

  9. Messy

    Beats Sam… again. Guy is gonna be unstoppable in years to come… he’s great tp watch too!

  10. Casey79

    Pretty sure these are the seeding results. Jill came in 2nd & the men’s results where different 6 through to 10

  11. 4xlego

    troy is going to smash it this year, look at the podium on the world cup stage, he wasnt allowed champagne they hadnt even thought of what to do if a junior won it, what a talent

  12. Johan

    Troy is looking properly fast. good to see sam racing again and looking ready for a new season.

  13. Jimmy Fids

    cool vid, shame I can’t let my 5 year old watch it with the sound on because of the music track used

  14. chris dodd

    changing of the old guard…….stand down hill, stand to brosnan!

  15. dgr

    eyes on fearon!

  16. RAB

    I agree, great video. But guys who down thumbed Jimmy Fids, whats wrong with wanting to prevent your 5 year old from hearing a lot of swearing? Any parents out there?

  17. billy

    Yes, soz, proper results up now!

  18. steve

    what’s the name of soundtrack?

  19. gmc

    Maybe mute it and play some Barney so your kid will be ok.

  20. steve

    Maybe mute your mother, will be nice.

  21. Munzy

    Dry, dusty and fast – love it! Would be great to even have a handful of days like that on this rock

  22. Christiaan

    What happened to the Carbon Demo frame,s they had at Worlds? Now back on Alloy?

  23. Jimmy Fids

    @gmc. Pretty sure I shouldn’t have to. The cd with that track on would carry a warning on the shelf of any shop so why should I have to pre watch a downhill edit to make sure its safe for my child. Sorry for apparently being one of the few parents left that don’t want their kid on Jeremy kyle when they get older


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