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DirtTV: Stevie Smith Devinci Wilson Bike Check

DirtTV: Stevie Smith Devinci Wilson Bike Check

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Stevie Smith’s mechanic Nigel Reeve gives us the lowdown on the Devinci Wilson.

08.10am on Sunday 11th June, World Cup race day at Leogang, Austria and Steve Smith’s mechanic Nigel Reeve takes time out of his busy morning schedule to talk us through Stevie’s World Cup Devinci Wilson race bike.

A few hours later Smith powered through the finish line and clocked his best ever World Cup result, 4th on the box.

Steve Smith at World Cup #2 Fort William

DirtTV:Steve Smith Devinci Bike Check >>

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  1. Craigy

    I don’t understand, why no titanium spring? Maybe an obtanium but quite unusual on a World Cup bike.

  2. gert

    Haha, good work Nige, nice mini mudguards on the calipers!

  3. treehuggergraeme

    how many bikes are we going to see at the races with the latest ‘pro-mod’ – redbull mudguards for our brakes?

  4. gert

    I for one can’t see myself riding without them

  5. max

    his mechanic doesnt seem to know too much about the bike. haha

  6. joey

    can anyone clear up for me does he say 90 or 9 psi his fork surely its got to be 90?

  7. Dan

    I think those mud guards for the brakes are a genuinely good idea, i’m forever pulling lumps of mub and sheep shit from out of the top of my callipers.

  8. Tom_

    Aren’t they going to provoke more heat problems on longer runs?

  9. Neil

    Max – that’s just how Nigel sounds all the time, like he doesn’t know anything. In reality, he knows a lot more than your average bike mechanic.

    Joey – it’s 90 PSI in the forks, it’s just his funny Australian accent.

    I like his description for the tyres – the black things on the round things – genius!

  10. Marshy

    isnt he a kiwi?

  11. Aaron

    So is that tubeless?

  12. coozah

    sounds aussie to me

  13. ando

    red bull cans are 13% more efficient than monster

  14. powermutant

    Really, I thought he was South African, nah Shirley he’s a seppo!

    “Should we blame the government?
    Or blame society?
    Or should we blame the images on tv?”

    All together now …

  15. tumble

    Nigel is from Brisbane, AUS.
    NS Dynamics represent!

  16. jdym

    who said it doesnt sound like he knows much! haha Nigel is one of the best mechanics in the world! certainly knows his shit about suspension.. NS Dynamics

  17. Harveyp

    Kiwi – Yarpie – Seppo?? Give me a break, Nige is 100% pure Ooorstralian mate!!

  18. gabe

    and how exactly does a mudguard on a brake help improve race times? i dont think i have ever felt the mud in my brake was holding me back.i think perhaps they serve some other purpose….


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