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DirtTV: Steve Smith Bike Check

DirtTV: Steve Smith Bike Check

James Renwick James Renwick

Not only are they knocking out the blinding Finally 2 series, the Parkins have also put together this video featuring Stevie Smith hooning about on his new Devinci.

For more on Steve Smith’s move to Devinci click Devinci Global Racing

DirtTV: Steve Smith Bike Check >>

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  1. forasphotography

    gap to berm’s pretty big!

  2. Rol

    This Davinci Wilson still reminds me the Sunn Radical + from 1998 with minor changes
    I rode that bike and the suspension was pretty good. I suppose that it will work even better today.

    Here as link to a photo

  3. derek

    Rad! I’m hoppin’ on the ferry over to Mt Prevost.

  4. 106thnPark

    it’d be rad to have a girlfriend who lived near those trails.

  5. de paula

    Video is cool but the music….
    My god…what is happening with these filmakers nowadays?
    Good times of old school movies with hardcore bands.

  6. Furaxrider

    @de paula: To each their own. Personally, I hate(d) the ‘hardcore’ stuff so this (spanish?) version of ‘Hotel California’ was a nice touch for me even though they were riding in BC. It’s a diverse world, we can’t please everyone and today’s not your day, it’s mine :)

  7. brajal

    I’m with you Furaxrider there’s much better/diverse music taste this days on the bike film industry…

  8. nickyb

    yeah anyone else getting annoyed with these lucky bloody foreigners talking about how their trails are ‘muddy’? Did’nt look muddy to me looked pretty bloody sweet to be honest!!!

    Sweet vid

  9. Dogboy

    I’m with Furaxrider as well – awesome music. Variety is the spice of life. It doesn’t have to be guttural screaming all of the time!

  10. Joey

    Awesome track! I hate the stereotypical mtb vids with crap music and sped up time frames!!! Keep it natural!

  11. luiz carlos

    Yeah…I’m a old boy.

    Time of Chainsmoke, Headliners, Keep it Real series and others less famous.

  12. bozo

    You said it, de paula. Nobody fucks with the Jesus

  13. Rodney

    Nice little vid and yeah I liked the music.

  14. craig

    bozo jesus listens to hotel california to u no

  15. OliC

    de paula is spot on, we want inspiration from the tunes. something to rip to, or something to mellow to. not a lame cover, of what is already a lame song.

    i grew up on sprung movies and that shaped alot of what i grew up listening to. skate punk, ska, hip hop, funk and break beat.

    some of the freeride ones can be a bit heavy metal man-ish

  16. dhdave

    I dont trust anyone whos eyes are THAT close together. . .just sayin

  17. de paula

    Ok… I will make a test.

    Who remember from wich film is this movie?


  18. de paula

    Ops sorry…

    Who remember from wich film is this song?

    A tip: It is 1998 dh film.

  19. de paula

    Another tip:

    This song is from the same film.


  20. Dave

    All you music haters…are you making your own movies about riding? If you hear a tune on the radio do you write into the station and slag it off? No, neither am/do I, so until then suck it up and focus on the sick riding and the legend that is Stevie Smith. Personally I prefer the Big Lebowski version by the Gypsy Kings, but hey, this ain’t my barbecue, or yours, so until it is, think of Rick James and enjoy yourself, bitches.

  21. VonDH

    Steve is a hell of a rider , fast, smooth,plenty of guts.(smith and gee)( film follow me )
    not a fan of the sound track.
    but he i dont watch rhianna for the music either :)

  22. bsh

    song is perfect for this video. Can you express Smith’s riding with punk or something..i dont think so.. In the old days riders and their style looked hardcore and more brutal and uncotrolled and faster sounds and songs seemed to be ok… Today’s stylish and fluid riding is well expressed in videos with that type of music..


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