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DirtTV: Sea Otter Festival Dual Slalom video highlights 2013

DirtTV: Sea Otter Festival Dual Slalom video highlights 2013

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The Parkin-son brothers, as Jared Graves calls them, dish up a banger of a Sea Otter Dual Slalom video for DirtTV. The quality is so crisp (Walkers are naming a flavour after it) you can almost taste the dust and feel the sunburn!

Graves takes the win from a fast charging Steve Peat on his Bronson 650b. While Jill Kintner pips Rachel Atherton on the fast Californian slalom track.

Click for full Pro dual slalom results.

  1. Jerome

    Ah yes. DirtTV giving out the best edits again! Thank you!

  2. George

    Slalom just always looks rad… need to see more of it!

  3. Nick Hamilton

    Dual Slalom is definitely the best form of bike racing… and this Parkins edit just makes it look do good!! Great work Lads… and even better, Peaty Smashed it!! (nearly…)

  4. Dexta

    Peat = legend..hw awesum to c peat up ther god I hope he carries this form into the world cups

  5. Eoin

    That was brilliant, Why are there so few dual slalom races?

  6. g

    dual slalom world cups now!

  7. The butcher

    Bloody wonderful ‘stuff’

  8. Leon

    How cool would it be if some one could figure out a DH bike dual event , would be cool to see two riders pinning thru the same rock garden side by side.


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