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DirtTV: Sea Otter Downhill highlights video with Aaron Gwin and Jill Kintner

DirtTV: Sea Otter Downhill highlights video with Aaron Gwin and Jill Kintner

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The annual industry garden fete went down in the lazy heat of the Californian sunshine last week/weekend. Lot’s of World Cup riders in attendance, and riding a variety of bikes and wheel sizes too. Aaron Gwin took his first win on the new team riding the big wheeled Specialized Enduro 29er. Jill Kintner won Sea Otter Gold on the Norco Sight 650b.

Full Sea Otter results.

  1. Spunkface

    I really don’t want to be down on anyone’s hard work and i generally like most music but that tune was f#ckin gash and didn’t fit with the footage at all. And please ease up on the slow mo… Peace :)

  2. Dexta

    Good to c GregWilliamson on trek let’s hope he get sum top results now.anyone else agree those wheels dnt look rite down a hilll

  3. smootheb

    Music – sic. Slow mo – perfect. Interviews – bleh. Thanks for the update. Keep up the awesome mountain bike coverage. Mo is bettah!

  4. DTM

    After the initial excitement of seeing the riders shredding died down I soon realised my excitement was being replaced by stabbing pain as blood began gushing from my ears. That music has to be an all time low for Dirt TV.

  5. Butch

    I loved that……

  6. bedders

    I don’t normally comment on the music as its usually pretty good and resulted in the odd mp3 download, but I agree with the others on this one. Rank.

  7. billy

    The Parkins have been “larging” it at the “raves” in “Cali” recently so that might explain the music choice for this one. If it was up to me I’d have Country or Western or Country and Western.
    Maybe we need to compile a list of your top 50 favourite songs that might work on bike videos that most of you might like?

    1. bedders

      Good idea. There was some cracking stuff on the Going Native and Earthed series DVDs and more recently Roam, Strength in Numbers and Where the Trail Ends.

  8. Tom KP

    Sam Hill trying clipped in, and not looking happy about it. I guess it’s a good skill to be able to swap between the 2 if necessary

  9. Big Dawg

    Cracking idea Billy. Where are we going to submit our entries?

  10. ronin

    2 tunes : morning sun – the beautiful girls
    salad – dl incognito
    work for flow style edits best. go ahead youtube it.

  11. Cri

    The music is from the BBC MotoGP coverage of last year. Didn’t really fit this edit though. In other news, Brosnan is looking quick for this year.


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