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DirtTV: Saturday Mont Sainte Anne Tech Video

DirtTV: Saturday Mont Sainte Anne Tech Video

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

TWR’s Monk talks tyres, Devinci’s Nigel talks thrust bearings and GT’s Mark Maurissen talks wet weather preparation.

MSA finals are shaping up to be awesome today!

  1. PN

    Come on Billy sort your links out! 😉

  2. Berto

    It’s brokeded

  3. billy

    Soz chaps. Bit of a rush to get out on the bike this morning!

  4. stooky

    couple of things

    1. I need a dustbin
    2. Monks watch is bit small how does he read the time.
    3. And shes definiatly worth it!:-)

  5. Big Bird

    I loved the slo-mo hair shake. Good use of the Red.

  6. cl2ment

    Bontager G4 = Minion
    G5 = HR II

    Very very nice edit.

  7. Max

    and another quality edit- i like.

    btw: what’s the name of the song?

  8. Nick

    Hmmm, trying out new tyres, na you have been using maxxis rubber.

  9. Oli


  10. darrenthepost

    Monk has teeth like a burned down fence!!

  11. Christo
  12. K-dawg

    Does anyone know where to get them needle bearings Nige is putting in Steve`s shock??



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