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DirtTV presents: Finally 2 Part 1

DirtTV presents: Finally 2 Part 1

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Boom!!! It’s here!!! DirtTV and the Parkin Bros bring you the amazing first exclusive episode of Finally 2, the hotly awaited film documenting the 2010 World Cup race series.

Steve Peat, Gee Atherton, Trek and Sea Otter all star in Episode 1.

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  1. monkey

    bye bye work

  2. jeremy

    that was SICK

  3. Flim

    Nice one, bring on part 2!

  4. Rod Kimble

    Sick!!! It was over way too quick bring on part II

  5. tdiddy

    the trek rock tire tap was amazing. more more more…

  6. Aaron

    You mean Finally 2 is free? Oh man, this is rad. It’s going up on the HD TV tonight.

  7. mellon

    perfect really…

  8. luiz carlos

    A 1080 HD version for available on itunes would be great.
    I would pay for it.

  9. Tallpaul

    What can I say this sport makes my heart beat faster I love it with a passion twenty one years riding mountain bikes this year and I still love it now as I did then!!

  10. Jaycee

    Sweet Vid

  11. Jamie

    Nice, I don’t know if it’s a complicated procedure or something, but I don’t know why the Parkin’s don’t drop this onto iTunes and make themselves some money, I’d pay for it!

  12. GGR

    Love the CG “victory” one hander whateveryouwantocall it thing over the jump at Sea Otter!

  13. Luís André Maxis

    Episode 2 Please! Awesome Video!

  14. Alfie Polax

    Well that brightened up a a rainy day. Thanks Dirt.

  15. raddog

    Peaty in monster sized fivetens! What is the world coming to?

  16. Stefan

    love the way moseley keeps up with the other trek boys, she is truly fast.

    Anyone know what the songs are??

  17. Ed

    Santogold- Creator
    Subways- Oh yeah

    another sick video from the parkins, but yet more bad song choice!
    Fitted so badly with the riding!

  18. Drew B

    Thank you to Dirt and the Parkins that was awesome.
    I am inspired and going out to ride now.

    But please, please, please, can you bring this out on dvd???

    Free with the mag would be a great present to all your loyal readers!

  19. Big Al

    Peaty riding for 200yrs

  20. WHAT

    19 years? = “DOUBLE CENTURY!!!!”
    …that’s 200 years!
    Peaty, love you… but I think you mean “Double Decade!”

  21. g

    got to agree big time with Ed.

  22. jimmy

    maybe he ment he rode there in the 20th century and the 21st….? hmmm

  23. Philipp

    Does anyone know what gloves Gee wears? they look sweet

  24. matt

    those blacked out commencals look soo bad ass!

  25. Flim

    “I don’t know why the Parkin’s don’t drop this onto iTunes and make themselves some money, I’d pay for it!”

    Maybe, but its nice to get something free for a change these days!!

  26. booboy

    can you buy last years?

    nice to be free and loose on the web but i like a bit of solid media

  27. stevo

    c’mon dirt, feed the demand.

    put it out to buy!

  28. billy

    Think there are some music copyright issues, can’t you tech savvy lot just burn these webvids to a dvd?!

  29. Pete

    Why dont Factory, Dirt and Parkins get legit and use rights free music or pay for rights to the music so we can see a proper DVD all in one go at the end. I mean this aint Poachbike is it?

  30. Brentstyle

    Parkins – BooOM!

    Justin Leov comes across well in his interview. All power to him this season.

  31. dirt dodger

    Billy is there any way to download these as a string?

  32. billy

    What’s a string?!

  33. dirt dodger

    sorry – i believe there will be numerous parts so as 1 file rather than xx amount? i did mail you Billy so answer there if you like.

  34. billy

    Okay, I’ll ask the boffins and see if they think it’s possible.

  35. dirt dodger

    real player is the way to go !!

  36. HUnter

    Did Neethling tire-tap that rock or am I seeing things??

  37. rob

    can you please please please make it dowloadable as a whole

  38. b.zsolt

    Hy fist song name? thx


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