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DirtTV presents: Finally 2 Episode V

DirtTV presents: Finally 2 Episode V

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Fort William, Scotland is the setting for 2010 UCI Downhill World Cup round 2. Gee Atherton and Greg Minnaar continue to dominate as Sam Hill crashes out in practise.

Mr Gas to Flat Adam Brayton closes this Episode with some flat out riding.

Another masterpiece from the Brothers Parkin!

(If you’ve forgotten the results from last year, the mens are here, womens are here and the overall is here)

DirtTV: Finally 2 Part 5 >>


  1. dirt dodger

    Dirt, where is the link to Part 3? cheers

  2. dirt dodger

    amazin BTW

  3. Renners

    Adam Brayton section = epic!

  4. Tom

    adam brayton you don! where are these badboy tracks in the lakes?!

  5. billy

    http://dirt.mpora.com/news/dirttv-finally-2-part-3.html don’t know why it didn’t show up in the related links!

  6. CollectiveTom

    Top movie, good memories. Looking Fwd to this year!

  7. HeyZeus

    Good work lads, what a great series of videos, really enjoying them. I think 2 and 3 are my favourites…I thought this one lacked in music and the start would have been better with a bit riding…going straight to interview took away from it somehow.,I still enjoyed it, but just giving some feedback.

    A wee roadgap at the end of the scree slope would be nice..

  8. john

    Brayton goes HUGE !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hae-ass

    brayton is on fire

  10. Tino

    I always wondered – what did happen to Greg on his run?

  11. Jonty

    One word Tino: Frame.

  12. jm

    sick brayton edit.

    Now, where is the Danny Hart compilation of pinballing?

  13. Rasta Mouse

    Google maps Latrig and Dodd forest. We live in Blackpool and it doesn’t take long for us to get there

  14. dirt dodger

    cheers Billy, i thought it was weird it wasn’t showing.

  15. Peter

    Jonty, you might think that but a little birdy told me that it was something else that was carbon on Minnaar’s bike….

  16. Chris

    @Rasta Mouse – Fancy giving us a bit more detail on the location. Having a hell of a time finding anything about it.

  17. Joe

    I find tracks generally appear WHEN YOU GO BUILD THEM.

  18. Lime

    Very disrespectful handing out directions to other peoples tracks, I would be fuming if someone did that to me.

  19. James

    Brayton’s section is ridiculous!

  20. Chris

    Wahoo, Calm down guys! didn’t know it was private

  21. Shabba

    Minnar “Whinge, whinge”

    Brayton section = full of awesome

  22. mellon

    Brayton smashing shit yeeowww

  23. albert

    massive, but why is there only few shots of Sam Hill? and nothing about his injury?

  24. kieran

    super hucker !! its massive on film and in real life ! i wuddnt mind knowin were those tracks were either im from keswick and i dont know TOP top secret !

  25. WHAT

    Feelin the Brayton edit!… Good to see an edit with some serious pace with a soundtrack to match!

  26. anti t%$t

    would love to see MrB on a World Cup podium.

  27. jimjam

    Gaaaah. That first track made my ears feel sick. Ruined an otherwise great installment for me. Mr. Gas to Flat’s bit was many kinds of awesome.

  28. Jeron

    Please release the brayton section as its own video! Sickest part from any video!

  29. jajaaaaa

    What’s the first song?

  30. jimmy

    yeah brayton smashing it, love those wheels

  31. tdiddy

    brayton part was amazing. he boosts huge, and how fast he rips the scree at the end. Crazy gaps at ft. bill as well.

  32. rh

    Fcuks sake Brayton, whats with all the MX stuff?? On a bicycle! Yeeeaaahh!!

  33. Big-G

    I swear Brayton’s got a secret engine stashed somewhere on his bike. Pinned.

  34. heman

    Whats the song used in the sick adam brayton section?

  35. m&m

    Brayton has so much potenial

  36. craig

    braytons. can see you when you yawn club. join here.

    love him

  37. whinger

    its a fairly shit remix of pendulum buddy.

  38. Tom_

    “Pendulum – Blood Sugar” from the Album “Hold your colour”

    One of the best training tunes, ever.

  39. Tobi-Tobsen

    First song????

  40. whinger

    dear god its not a remix. it really does have that bizarre ironic intro on the front.

    that’s australians for ya.

  41. Hw

    Can we have a ten min edit of brayton please

  42. frostie

    Google maps Latrig and Dodd forest. We live in Blackpool and it doesn’t take long for us to get there

    please ca you email me directions to these if your from blackpool i also live in blackpool and raced downhill and would love to ride these my email is frostie666@hotmail.co.uk

  43. Hristo

    Brayton’s section is veeeery nice, it looks more like mx riding 😀

  44. yeah yeah

    what’s the name of the first song?

  45. sylentk

    According to my Shazam app it is “Adored” by The Bravery.

  46. Rocketman!!

    I would stay well clear of dodd & latrig me & my mates went & ended up with a caution off the police & forestry & threatened with a unlimited fine for tresspassing something to do with a osprey nest.WTF like!!

  47. Dave Rush

    Pedulum = re packaged aussie happy hardcore. put a donk on sheila. utter guff! Mr.B = ace

  48. jonzo

    @ Rocketman!! Apparently “the Ospreys have left Cumbria and are currently sunning themselves in Africa” lucky bastards.

  49. ddmonkey

    I really hope Mr Brayton gets some good results at the WC’s this year, good luck!

  50. whinger

    ha ha ha. put a donk on it.

  51. Rasta Mouse

    the address as found on google. Latrigg
    Underskiddaw, Cumbria CA12, UK


    Skiddaw, Dodd Wood opp Rose Cottage (NW-bound: unmarked)

    type both into google maps and you’ll know where to go. were setting off at 6 tomorrow morning to get there for about 8 if any one is up for it?


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