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DirtTV: PMB World Champs - The 'different' bikes...

DirtTV: PMB World Champs - The 'different' bikes...

DirtTV have their ear to the ground over at Pietermaritzburg, and have brought us a tech video looking at some of the bikes you wouldn’t expect to see at a Downhill World Champs race.

What do you guys think about this? Is this a sign that the track over at Pietermaritzburg isn’t hard enough? Or is this track just slightly ‘different’ and is forcing some riders to try and grab every advantage possible? Good or bad?

  1. Packer

    Awesome – love this tech stuff!!

  2. terrid

    Hilarious that some people are throwing a wobbler over riders choosing to ride bikes that ‘aren’t dh’. Having said that, this is the same mentality that lead to pressuring the UCI into the ‘no skin suits’ rule. After all, isn’t wearing the right pyjamas and baseball cap the most important thing in a time trial race. Who cares about going fast? Deeks!

    1. Smyth

      Because its not a ENDURO Race! Its a Downhill race!

      1. bubba

        Exactly shows how “not downhill” this track is!

  3. at work and not skiving (cough cough)

    Great edit – more please!

  4. Matt

    I really thought Spagnolo was going over the bars in that. Good save…

  5. Eoin

    Hill looked so fast in the opening clips! Is Smith now officially the coolest guy ever?

  6. Roby

    Remembers me the Worlds in Canberra 2009. Special stuff on everyones bikes. Lock-outs, single crown forks, rear air shocks…
    This year: Dropper seat posts, 29ers, 650B, Enduro bikes…

    What ever. Pure DH rig will smash it again like Peaty that year :)

    1. Andy V

      My sentiments exactly!

  7. PABLO

    cual es el nombre de la cancion?

  8. Matty

    “Yeah, sure why not!” Haha!

  9. rwejrweoi

    Really great video. Thanks for the info. Steve Smith for the win!

  10. Leon

    If people are genuinely finding it faster on trail bikes then the UCI should look into rewriting their criteria as to what qualifies as a DH track.

  11. Daver

    If its a track that points down a hill then it’s a downhill track. Race whatever you think is the fastest for you.
    You can’t call a sub 4 minute run an enduro either.
    I quite like watching this track… It’s fast and loose. Some of you are sounding elitest…. Like roadies.

    1. Capt Cook

      I concur Daver, who cares what they ride – cyclocross bike anyone?

      Love these technical stories. Great interviews, especially from the erudite and articulate Mr Graves!

    2. Bubba

      Elitist it’s ment to be elitist these are the best riders in the world.
      You are talking “BOLLOCKS”

  12. Daver

    Yup and the best riders know better then us. Even the real DH bikes being used are lightened up versions of the real thing.

    I am going to laugh my hole off if a 29’r enduro wins world champs…. i’m not a 29’r fan, but the Xc crowd is going to have a time with that.

  13. panzer

    I know its a cliche but what’s the music?

    1. Greg

      Dissolve Me by Alt-J

  14. panzer

    Thanks Greg +1

  15. Aglsmith@hotmail.co.uk

    Seriously?!?! It’s all about being fastest down a hill….forget the type of bike used. If a dude could thrash a road bike down the hill faster than a ‘DH’ bike then he’s the better man in my eyes. It’s the same track for all.


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