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DirtTV: Pietermaritzburg World Cup Saturday Practice 2012

DirtTV: Pietermaritzburg World Cup Saturday Practice 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Banging DirtTV Pietermaritzburg Saturday practice session action with some amazing big Red slo mo!

Click HD for the full experience!

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  1. Ben10

    Wow! These vids are great! Beastie Boys as well! Love it.

  2. DHZ

    I usually hate slow mo but this is on a whole nutha level! SO rad!

  3. Tom_

    Thank you dirt! Loved the Miami Bulldog Blenki Train, pure fun.

    But please bring back some rock/metal for finals vid. There is no place for mellow music in a sport this intense.

    Any word on Pugins shoulder?

  4. Stevo

    Red cam footage is great and those slow-mo shots are awesome, but even in HD the playback resolution isn’t anywhere near what the Red cam is actually shooting in, which obviously the Parkins are aware of… does this mean we’re going to see a DVD/Blu-Ray/ultra-HD download for Finally at the end of the year? Here’s hoping!

  5. Down n Dirty

    Makes me wanna do soom editing.

  6. savdog

    blenki & brendog on clips what the world coming too

  7. foggy

    thanks dirt, must take some effort to get this done, is that the new camera? looks fantastic, truly another level. looking forward to watching this season from my living room.
    Is it me or does every rider look even faster again?

  8. Deran

    anyone else notice how high minaar boosted that small jump?

  9. Banner

    You know what’s better than super slo-mo? Watching them going faster than you could ever hope to in real time.

  10. me

    FUCCK. im gonna have to eat my words!!! the track actually looks pretty good!! i was chief hater, but in fairness it looks like theyve done a great job of improving the track. bangin video too!!

  11. Messy

    That was AWESOME. I Super slo mo rules IMO, see stuff you ignore at full speed.

  12. Sam

    Steezy seat bounce from brendog!


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