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DirtTV: Pietermaritzburg World Cup Finals 2012

DirtTV: Pietermaritzburg World Cup Finals 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Booooosh!!! Oh yes!!! The 2012 World Cup season has begun in dramatic fashion in Pietermaritzburg South Africa!!!

Hot pants, rock, insanely fast riding and Borat mean only one thing…the DirtTV PMB WC finals video!!!

Parkin Bros dynamite from the Land of the Zulus!

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  1. sam r

    so good to see the Hannah duo getting some amazing results!

  2. ryan

    with a start like that anything would be good yeeoow

  3. Dennis

    Haha check out the girl in pink in the very first shot 😉 Awesome vid and editing speed!

  4. S&M

    Rad vid! And full respect to Gwin, talk about being graceful in defeat!

  5. Tom_

    Such a brilliant video. Slow motion of the one life crew storm was epic.
    2 Months to regain composure now!

  6. Down n Dirty

    Gwin giving up respect to Greg and Mick.who are the federation of beer/pie eaters rushing Greg at the end?

  7. Dent

    God bless Rock n Roll!

  8. hexhamstu

    Was that Gee sitting down and cruising in his race run? He must have burned it all in the pedal section.

  9. Carl

    Gwin is an awesome guy and its amazing to hear how humane he is in defeat, Gee take note. Aaron really looks like bloke who is enjoying riding his bike and long may that continue. Congrats to Mick and Tracey! 1st podiums for Morewood too:)
    Thanks to everyone bringing us this awesome edit.
    After all the b**ching and moaning about the track what and awesome event and excellent racing.
    And finally NICE ONE GREG!!!!

    Do dooo do do do Minnaar Minnaar!

  10. Matt

    Someone tell Gee to smile once in a while. Sheesh, even on the podium he looks as miserable as sin.

  11. Matt

    Also… great vid but Dirt can you please do a HTML5 video player option? Means anyone on iOS devices can’t see the video as it is flash.

  12. billy

    @Matt HTML5 player is on it’s way!

  13. James Art

    wwwwussh!! how is the song plis!!!!??

  14. cl2ment

    Wolfmother New moon rising

  15. Hancock

    Mick’s thoughts during the interview:
    Little sister
    But I am SO PROUD! You can see it in his eyes.

  16. Rodney

    Greg was stoked to win on his home track with all the local support – good on him. Gwin is a superb rider and a genuine nice guy with his congrats to Greg and Mick. So nice to see Mick up there after being dumped by GT and picked up by Morewood United. looks like the Hannah family are on a roll – hope they do well all year.

  17. Matthias

    no HD this time?

  18. Big Al

    No 29ers that I saw in the DH. Surely this is the track they would have been used on!? 26 still rules DH………

  19. woodrat

    what a video! what a crowd!! so happy for greg :)

  20. xcgeek.com

    TOO GOOD! congrats on the super successful coverage of the weekend. more than excited to see Mick, Neethling and Mulally with great results, but Tracey, working full time and your first world cup in 4 years? stunning.

  21. Dennis

    @hexhamstu, that shot of gee wasn’t his racerun… http://live.redbull.tv/events/25/ucistop1-1/ (1:44min)

  22. Big Bird

    Anyone know what “Personal issues” Greg overcame to win?

  23. Down n Dirty

    @Carl not being funny mate but it is a shit track full stop. if the professionals can say it so can we.

  24. Big Bird

    I just found the info on VitalMTB. Greg’s dad is in the hospital.

  25. billy
  26. dullknives

    HD billy, we need HD!!!

  27. dirt dodger

    Gwin looks well peeved in the thumbnail for this thread.

  28. Leon

    Awesome awesome awesome !
    Even though I knew the results it still gave me a buzz and made me smile !!
    And thanks for using a good sound track :)

  29. fordy

    @carl the track was shite and it came over that way on the live feed hope they dont go back there next year i cant remember one stand out moment in the whole race that got me pumped. at least gwin didnt win. crackin edit tho the coverage on dirt has been 1st class as always.

  30. Pez

    Haha spot the wedgie 6 seconds in 😉

  31. ddmonkey

    It really wasn’t worth panning away to follow Connor Fearnon ;o)

  32. Protien*beats up wankers

    @fordy , its coming back and you aint gona stop that ! hahahahaha so have fun shiting off about the track , no1 gives a shit

  33. rob

    @fordy PMB is holding world champs next year!

  34. fordy

    @rob, maybe they should hold the bmx worlds there the following wk end??

  35. PeteyG

    Nice edit Parkn bros, great work to get it on the site so quick Billy.
    Stoked for Greg winning in his backyard, can’t believe they’ll get a World Champs there in ’12. Great to see so many guys in the mix on Sunday.
    Can’t understand all the hating on Gwin, kid gives 100% to the sport, respects his competition and gets heckled? Must be some envy brewing inside you all. Great thing about this sport is it’s easy for me to like all the riders who risk their ass every week to race in the greatest sport on earth. Just wish we didn’t have to wait 2 months for thenext event…Ride ON!

  36. Anoobis

    Ha ha ha ha, Hey fordy – you really don’t want to know where next years world champs are then!

    Gwin sounded genuinely happy to pass the win to greg considering the situation with his Dad. I’ve got more respect for gwin every time I see him.

  37. j.b.

    actually have the time of day for gwin this year…..seems to be enjoying racing this year as opposed to last year….nice to see sik mik back aswell……but hill for the win in val di sole….hon monster specialized

  38. Bedders

    Sorry but any clip that starts with a girl picking the g-string out of her butt can only be a good thing. There I’ve said it

  39. NMKY

    @bigbird I believe Greg’s dad is in hospital in ICU (info picked up from VitalMTB slideshow) Get well soon to him.

    Gee did look pissed for sure, I think he expected more from himself and I like the fact he wasn’t even hiding it on the podium. Expecting more from Mr A as the year rolls on!!

  40. ronin

    hannahs over athertons this season perhaps?

  41. Steepy

    Hooray for the UCI actually allowing the Parkins to film the finals this year.

  42. Carl

    @fordy, Some people dont like Champery cause they don’t want to see guys going so slow around corners in a DH race, a bit like trials at times…..I like it but others don’t cause they want more speed in a DH race. We need a mix of tracks and that’s what we got now. Your ignorance is the stuff that can possibly land you a job at the UCI Head Office, you should apply. BTW it wasn’t that long ago when guys were moaning about the “Moto” section at Fort bill being a lung buster and if you’ve never had the pleasure to ride there let me tell you it’s difficult to give it your all at the end of that track too… Hopefully you are more open minded, if not then go and find some friend that agree with you to feel better.

    Do dooo do do do Minnaar Minnaar!

  43. dirt dodger

    OUCH to ya Ford! That will teach you to ditch DH and go all “enduro french massive” on us lol

  44. Kim Hawkins

    In many ways this was a really interesting race, from a carbon vs alu perspective. Admittedly it’s all down to the rider at this level but MH (on a Morewood as well) coming in so close to AG and GM does seem to pull the rug out from underneath what the marketeers would have you believe are the advantages of carbon.

  45. duir

    I would say that sick Mick’s Morewood would play no small part in his return to form this season. An incredible machine and 2 podiums on Morewoods in the town where they are made is fantastic.

  46. fordy

    @dirt dodger to be fair there will probably be more turns at inners on one stage at the wk end than there was at pmb, just sayin.

  47. AD

    The only pros that say this track is crap are the ones who can’t be bothered with pedaling. Greg, Aaron, and Mick are great examples of what a pro should look like IMHO. They all enjoyed riding PMB and it showed.

  48. AD

    sorry, didn’t mean to shout. ^^^^^^^ imho

  49. Eoin

    @AD Gee Atherton: fastest man on the planet through the pedal section, repeatedly called the track crap… You can continue to make stuff up if you want tho…

  50. AD

    ok Eoin, most pros.

  51. AD

    Gee is the exception, he pedals faster than anyone and still complains about it

  52. dirt dodger

    @ ford, you’re a damn fool !I do you a favour, email you, and warn you of the slashing you are getting because of your insanely silly comments and you comment on me…….oh dear you really need a lesson in interwebbing, and where the worlds is in 2013. Let me know when you are finished impregnating cows and i will sort out a little lesson 4 ya. ps – good luck @ Inners you whippet.

  53. fordy

    i didnt actually say anything ‘silly’ just that the track is shite its just an opinion i would have loved to see the worlds best dh riders ride a proper track riders like, hill, hart, mc donald, bryceland etc proper entertainers in our sport as opposed to a mixture of 4x riders and lads who blatantly live in the gym pedaling down a motorway with vains popping out of there heads, each to there own tho.

  54. Carl

    Its strange how folk don’t like a track when the rider(s) they support can’t do well on it. Don’t hear supporters of other/similar sports moaning like this in Downhill Skiing, Moto X or Moto GP. They have to race the same track and if some are more naturally suited to certain tracks then others then you can’t hate on the track for it. Support the sport and the riders but don’t hate on the track(s) and the people that bring the sport to your screen if you aren’t involved in organisation of the event(s). Thanks for sharing your opinion though, however irrelevant it is.

    Do dooo do do Minnaar Minnaar!

  55. Down n Dirty

    Its Craper than a Hotel with a load of old people with the shits.or to look at it from a more intelligent way. its simply just isnt cricket old boy.

  56. TallPaul

    Seriously nice edit, stop bitching about the track ffs surely downhill racing should include every sort of track hence the best man wins! And from my arm chair it looked great its good to see those boys sweat and earn their dollar. Cannot wait for the next race just hope Red Bull can get their act together a little better.

  57. Hels

    As Miguel Indurain, 5 times Tour de France winner, once said “I don’t know what all the fuss is about, it’s only a bicycle race”. Probably only Greg, Aaron and Mik are the only ones in the bicycle race who know who Indurain is. It’s not so bad winning a bicycle race by pedalling. Who one the only unofficial non pedalling World Title? Mik Hannah, the pedaller.From his proud Dad and Mum

  58. Scrizly

    The track improvements this year were a step in the right direction, and the racing was awesome on the whole, but I still have to agree somewhat with the naysayers. An uphill-to-flat slog on an 8+” travel mountain slaying machine skews the results, is boring to watch on tv, and basically goes against the essence of DH. It would be like having olympic DH skiers have to skin up and traverse in the middle of a high speed run.

    It’s just an industry coup to get us all thinking we need carbon frames, dropper posts, and probably 650B next year.

  59. dirt dodger

    loads of alpine ski world cup races have flatter sections linking the steep stuff.

  60. Zero Cool

    How British is it that loads of people are liking Gwin more this season now that he lost a race? But last year when he was winning there was loads of hating going on. He still seemed like a nice honest chap last year as well

  61. Trigoc

    Quality. Bring on the rest on the season and BST

  62. xtiger

    Putain un slid sur le podium ça c’est géant!!! Attention les gars, Flash goudron est là et avec le Team bahhh….ils vont vous mettre la misère!!!


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