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DirtTV: Pietermaritzburg Bike Tech Video 2012

DirtTV: Pietermaritzburg Bike Tech Video 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Brendan Fairclough clipped in? Greg Minnaar not running a seat dropper? Find out all the WC bike gossip here!

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  1. M

    CRC boys off switch from THE to TLD? I wonder if Matti’s crash had anything to do with that.

  2. Mr_p

    Graves ever happy?

  3. getonyourbike

    ‘Who ever’s got the most blue stripes wins’ LMAO

  4. SowX

    Peaty with a semi slick on the back… Got bad reminiscence of that.

  5. Leo

    I can’t believe Brendan is running clips! I thought he was point blank against them.

  6. Part Time

    Oh it’s almost as painful as when Warner did it at Fort William…

  7. adude

    Ah so thats how you pronounce Schwalbe ?

    Shwobble ?

    L-B-E !

  8. dan j

    very interesting.

  9. jimmy fids

    I think you may have caught Mr Graves at the wrong moment.

  10. Hagar

    Every season teams are cutting tyres, is it not about time manufacturers started designing tyres to suit? I’m sure come Monday morning the pits will be a sea of rubber offcuts.

  11. Pichy

    I think Monkey Vaskes should see a dentist urgently!!

  12. Buttons

    I’m surprised at all the dropper posts but they make sense. That new Scott looks bloody great!

  13. david

    graves looks very smoth in the training
    and i think the sydicate is good prepared


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