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DirtTV: Phill Hall: Rough Riderz/Project Gravity X

DirtTV: Phill Hall: Rough Riderz/Project Gravity X

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

In the latest issue of Dirt (issue #125) we’ve got an ace feature about Project Gravity X and their aim to get a four wheeled bike built in the UK for able and disabled riders. We spent the afternoon with the guys at the Forest of Dean. Phil Hall from the Rough Riderz club, tells us more about his situation and his future plans and life on four wheels.

Phil Hall from the Rough Riderz sending the road gap at the Forest of Dean.

The article in Dirt Magazine issue #125

The Project Gravity X crew.

Downhill Phil leads Tudur Booton on the Ski run at the Forest of Dean.

Project Gravity X aim to build a similar bike in the UK.

For more info hit up www.projectgravityx.co.uk

and www.roughriderz.co.uk

  1. billy

    I followed Phil and Tudur down some of the tracks, and…blimey…they don’t hang about! Super nice guys too.

  2. Downhill Phil

    Cheers Billy! It was great riding with you guys :)
    Apologies about my ‘croaky voice’ to anyone watching the video, but I was dying of man-flu that weekend! Lol

  3. Chaz

    Great stuff! Remember watching an old NWD video and thinking how gnar it looks

  4. Big Bird

    Hey Stacy. You’re on here aren’t you. Hook them up with some knowledge.

  5. Trip

    Awesome to see you guys still pushing it!

  6. Andy

    Amazing stuff guys, very impressed.

  7. mark B

    awesome, good luck with the project its looks fun… i would give it a try..

  8. freddie

    why don’t you try air shocks

  9. Thom

    Hello, I now one or two Things about Fourwheel-DH-Bikes and problems you can have with them and hope that I can help you a little.
    To reduce weight at the front, you have to shorten the whole frontend and use a zerostem.
    You can also use Cannondale Lefty Hubs.
    The hubs are pretty strong and light like the tapered axle you use with them, that you can make from 7075. I also think there cheaper than Phil Wood hubs.
    Another good thing to shave wheigt and reduce the price is using Igus bushings instead of industrial bearings. Bushings also can take the axial loads better than industrial bearings. You can also use a Gatorbrake 4piston system. It´s cheap and you can get left and right calipers, don´t have to use two levers and can use mineraloil instead of DOT.
    Hope you can use some of these tips.

  10. Thom

    …oh, and try air shocks. In the evolver isx6 you find a wide range of adjustments and will be able to run it on low pressure without getting a rebound that´s too slow. Or use monarchs with a custom shimstack, they´re not that expensive and do a very nice job.


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