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DirtTV: National Champs 2013 - Bala

DirtTV: National Champs 2013 - Bala

DirtTV from last weekend has landed, like the prophecy once wrote ‘The DirtTV shall arrive the Monday after the twenty thirteen battle of the British champions in the North parts of Wales.’

Gee and Rach have continued to dominate this year, has anyone been counting their double wins? I make it six.

Thanks to Aspect Media for this gem.

  1. savdog

    player is shit as usual !!

    1. Ben

      Savdog, there is still hope left! Mpora are trialing an auto HD setting, if you just uncheck the HD button it should work fine! Hope this helps.

  2. Paul Whitelegge

    Player is fine here!

  3. Leon

    That track is a beast man !
    How long is it ?

  4. euan crozier

    Such a sick edit and track! Looks like a modern sprung section :)

  5. G

    Was an unreal track. Loved it

  6. Daire

    Jesus that was a serious looking track, tough racing! Great video lads, every one should start with one minute of casing jumps!

  7. Mark Jenneson

    I’m sure the video is great but I havent found a laptop or PC yet that the player actually works on, laggy jittery ‘orrible thing.
    Have to watch it on my phone, bit rubbish.

  8. jezza

    Ah 26″ wheels, mint riding and happy faces. All that is good about UK mountain biking! A Peaty win at Andora would be just perfect too!

  9. rych

    player doesnt work here either

    1. Ben

      Rych, the techies in London are doing a trial of making the video’s play in HD automatically. If you just uncheck the HD button, the video should play fine… Tidee

  10. phil

    proper mtb video!

  11. Cord

    Player works fine on my steam driven work’s t*rd. But the only thing wrong, (like every Parkin video) why is the music so LOUD, and the talking so quiet? I’ve nearly worn out my volume button! Come on lads, it’s bloody hard enough watching this stuff at work!!! ha ha, good video tho

    1. Ben

      Cord, sometime’s its hard to get the balance just right… ps. this wasn’t from the Parkin boyos, this was from Aspect Media.

  12. JB

    this is on par for redbull tv for poor streaming change your player please

  13. paulhaysom

    Is that guy that crash at 5mins 12 alive?!

    1. nigel stanley

      Her I’m still alive and kicking just sore lol

  14. Hancock

    So unlucky for Peaty, but never mind, it means he still wants it and wants it bad, that’s good!


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