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DirtTV: MSA World Cup Finals

DirtTV: MSA World Cup Finals

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

http://mpora.com/videos/u19WQKweN In what has to be the most fiercely fought season in many years, Mont Sainte Anne proved to be yet again a memorable race. With some bad luck for two of the World Cup leaders Greg Minnaar (crash) and Gee Atherton (puncture), the top ten was once again wide open for the young guns who are taking this season by storm. Josh Bryceland was riding amazingly all weekend and came very close to the win and got his first World Cup podium. Aaron Gwin once again proved he’s the man to beat in 2011 and took the win despite problems in his run.

  1. Jonny B Good

    “Getting from A to B as fast as you can, like every other race” . He certainly practices what he preaches. Hart is in it to pin it.

  2. david

    By far the best d.h. season on record,hart and ratboy are turning it on !!

  3. mikes mum

    Great vid! some sweet riding. :-).. Bloody yanks are winning though, thats a shame..hehe

    The Empire needs to get back on top of the game! :p

  4. Maureen

    I love the smell of DirtTV in the morning.

  5. RHS

    I had to clean myself up after that!!

  6. dirt dodger

    Sorry Dirt but I honestly feel last year was a closer and more firece battle, this year is unbelievably good though as we have more protaganists for the upper podium spots. How long till we get a young (OR OLD) Brit on step 1…. come oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!

  7. haho

    Can’t believe Gwinny left the track at the top and still won!

  8. Andy

    Yeah, is there any footage of him leaving the track? I think we kind of miss half the race on freecaster.

  9. cooke

    gwin plaese cheer up you havent been racing world cups for a long time so you should be happy that ur winning

  10. ben

    CG 16seconds down without a f*cking chain!!! this year is just insane

  11. iloper

    CG did a great result. Imagine if he had a chain 😀

    Bad luck on the usual podium: Greg, Gee, Hill

    Good for Miami, Brook and the now top rider Hart

    Great race, Good coverage from dirt and Freecaster

  12. Pike

    That was a belter, wicked result for Rat boy, would love to know what time Cedric would ave got if he could have pedalled!!!

  13. ddmonkey

    @ Cooke there is nothing wrong with Gwin being annoyed that he left the track on his race run, he knows he got lucky and still took the win because Greg crashed and who knows what time Gee was going to do before his rear wheel let him down again. The man is focused on producing his best and only that will make him happy. Its a good attitude in a top level athlete don’t you think?

  14. ronin

    maybe being on the circuit for only a short time is what has Gwin so focused on his performance. Plus, the quick jump to a big time team who expect and want results may play in to that as well. who knows? Whatever it is he seems to have the express route from point A to B lately.

  15. centrifuge

    Gwin and Tracy are outstanding to say the least, stating the obvious, but what about that ABP Trek? I am a diehard Specialized freak however, their ABP Session has me smitten! What is really going down with all this brakejack on the ABP system?

  16. Jon P

    I loved this race, the freecaster coverage was mint, Rob Warner was on good form and this video has just summed it all up nicely. Bet no-one can honestly say they’d guessed that podium result?!

  17. JannerJon

    Will someone please give Danny a razor and teach him how to use it!

  18. smithers

    Thoughts on Gwin – is there a point where your so humble it seems like cockyness? i think so

  19. SamWakefield

    Finally a coverage of a race i can show to friends and not be embarrased!

  20. Boris

    Danny Hart is brilliant!!!!!!!!

  21. stick

    Gwin sounds so cocky, being angry with winning. It’s more of the way he talks (tone and expressions) that makes him look cocky. Hes a good rider and I like him but he needs to learn how not to look cocky and lose fans.

  22. comment posting troll

    @centrifuge, perhaps you should try riding a trek with ABP and find out how much brake jack it does not have. Quite an amazing syatem that works very well, has more rear braking grip than any other frame I have ridden.

  23. Joey

    For the life of my I can’t find the song in this vid, sounds like an old one. Anyone generous to give a hint?

  24. og-de-norcal

    It’s every sponsors’ dream for you to think that their team has an advantage because of their bike design. The fact is that these guys can rip on anything, and they barely use their brakes anyway.

  25. og-de-norcal

    Gwin cocky? Damn dude.. find something else to hate on!! The guy’s got an insane amount of pressure on him. He’s upset that he went off course because Minaar probably could have taken the win had he not crashed.

  26. RocketGon

    In “another bike mag” they have a feature on Gee’s race bike and apparently “Polish Pete” has been advocating the use of Stan’s Tubeless and they’ve been experimenting with rim size as Gee’s aggressive style has a tendency to “burp” the tyre off the rim!

    How prophetic.

  27. dughead123

    Don’t understand all the negativity towards Gwin. He doesn’t come across as cocky at all in my opinion. He’s just a top athelte who demands so much of himself that he gets angry when he feels he’s made mistakes.

    Great season anyway, really enjoying it.

  28. centrifuge

    @comment posting troll and anyone else, Thanks for the input. I am really curious. On a side note, did you know Specialized bikes have a lifetime warranty in the USA, but not in France? I am thinking about all the years I have invested in their bikes while not forgetting all their hype about how superior their products are and how they stand behind them. Well, not so much is true for most of Europe. What gives? They like to blame it on European legislation, but other companies have lifetime warranties in Europe. One more thought, Specialized UK = lifetime warranty vs. France = Five years. France is what?… maybe less than 15 minutes by plane from the UK. What? 5 years to life behind bars! I choose life. Finally, I called Morgan Hill, home of Specialized in CA, USA, I talked to the international representative and ask him if he though the difference between their warranties, Life vs. 5 years, was fair. He said, “Yes!”

  29. Philipp

    Anyone any ideas on what´s the music? I´m kinda digging it.


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