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DirtTV Mountain Of Hell Finals 2012

DirtTV Mountain Of Hell Finals 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Boosh! Banger of a Mountain Of Hell finals video from Les 2 Alpes, Crankworx.

Click for full men’s results.

Click for full women’s results.

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  1. Part Time

    Horrible bow-legged-euro-kook-fest. When wil this love affair with these ‘Enduro races’ end and normal service be resumed? Moderatley amusing as a one off, but the joke is wearing thin now. Turn it in.

  2. billy

    Come on Part Timer, have you raced one yet? Bikes are meant to be ridden not sat waiting in uplift queues!

  3. Farmer Giles

    they only look bow-legged because they’re riding flat out. If you saw yourself in a photo, Part Time, you’d probably look the same.
    Uplift queues are shite, I agree with Billy.
    The more people that get in to the sport, the better.

  4. adude

    Each to their own Part Time. Personally I think these style of races are a breath of fresh air. Spectacular to watch , and possibly the ultimate challenge for riders where fitness , tech skill and mental ability are pushed to the limit. Great coverage from The Parkins there , 5 stars doesn’t cut it !

  5. Eoin

    I’m definitely interested in seeing more of this stuff on the site, what harm? But less 29er reviews in the mag where space is limited tho…

  6. kimbers

    that looks awesome

    part timer dont be silly apart from jereome clementz’ waaaay dodgy tache thats all gravy baby!!

  7. Rustybones

    Until you’ve done one… You have no idea of how bad and good you can feel on your bike. Just because it has an ‘amusing’ start on snow don’t think it’s a joke… One of the hardest things you’ll ever ride.

  8. artfagsteve

    that looks amazing – and absolutely brutal.
    Stoked to see someone doing it on a hardtail at 6.35, and stoked to see a bit more of Athy.

    And, personally, I think we need to see more ‘taches.

  9. grant

    These sort of races are becoming s**t magnets for those “All the gear & no idea” numpty riders, While a lot of talented riders stay clear of them.
    The overriding impression I got when I did the Mega a couple of years ago was that these “average Joe’s” should really be there, (the level of riding displayed in some of the qualies was pathetic)& they were doing it as a “badge of honor” type thing” so they could talk smack at the trail centers about how hardcore they are…

    Come on, you all know the type of rider I’m talking about.

  10. grant

    ^^^ “shouldn’t

  11. pathetic numpty

    What’s worse at a race, an average joe or a pretentious grant?

  12. Part Time

    For the record, no, i’ve never raced one. I have no intention of doing so either. Maybe when I take up golf or start listening to Radio 2 i’ll be ready for this sort of thing.

  13. Rustybones

    Grant. Though I’m sure you’re without question the most awesome rider on the planet and won the mega the year you did it due to your untouchable riding skills, you can’t prevent an area of the riding community from entering a race because they don’t match your standards. That’s the kind of elitism cycling is an escape from and goes against the best thing about riding – it’s accessible to everyone and ‘most’ of the people doing it are like-minded friendly folk who enjoy sharing the experience. My mate’s a tubby f*ck with no skills on a bike at all but he’s done 3 megas, the Maxi and the Mountain of Hell. I’m more proud of him than anyone else we ride with – why? – because it’s far harder for him to do it… I’d hate to get stuck behind him on single track… but he has just as much right to be there as me!

  14. spunkface

    Hahahaha, some classic comments on here. Not sure why someone said that top riders stay clear of these races, there seemed to be a few at this one… This sort of riding and racing looks wicked fun, i guess it’s not enough or a spectacle as dh to warrant it getting more media attention. It’s a bit like WRC and rally cross, one works well for the fans and spectators where the other is more involved and cheaper for the drivers / riders. I do agree with the comment about the sh*t talking muppets at trail centres. They just talk rubbish about what kit they have or are getting and how it’s going to make all the difference. The MTB scene seems to becoming middle aged, people talk about work and responsibilities when out on their bikes and look at jumps / hard technical sections with a ‘what’s the point of risking it’ attitude. That is the point. The risk is the fun. Without it it’s just boring and this makes the scene boring.


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