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DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Finals Chit Chat pt ii

DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Finals Chit Chat pt ii

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We interview the top riders after a super exciting Mont Sainte Anne World Cup. The young guns are on a charge.

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  1. TommyD

    You just have to love miami bryce!

  2. Deon

    I’m a Minnaar fanboy, but this has got to be the best race I’ve ever seen
    Warner was on form, technically the broadcast from Freecaster was amazing, the camera coverage was brilliant and finally, the young guns bared their teeth and delivered on the promise.

    It feels like now that one of the young’uns have bitten the old dogs, then rest of the pack is hungry for blood!

    Brilliant stuff!

  3. Deon

    ^^ and the bloody rain stayed away!

  4. GDH

    Gutted for Gee and Minaar. Was this Brycelands first elite podium? I dont remember seeing him on the box before this but one could have slipped by I supposed. Stoked for the guy as he finally seems to have found his form.

  5. carrot

    dont know why, but i dont seem to like gwin much.

  6. DNS

    Seriously, what’s with the negativity towards Gwin? The guy’s a top athlete, but manages to stay super grounded, chilled out, and is even rather self-effacing. And he doesn’t have “1” tattooed on his bicep. What more can you expect from a guy with that much focus?

    And props to Gee and Minaar for their outstanding sportsmanship as well!

  7. jimjam

    I finally understand why the UCI question girl has a job. I’ve never been a big fan of Minaar’s but he was all class there.

    Tactical whips FTW!!

  8. Dan

    I’d love to go to a club with Peaty and Minnaar, bloody legends!

  9. Joe

    ^ thats a bit wierd. Some sort of ‘specialist gentlemans’ club?

  10. Canuck

    Following up from last weeks post (made after the excellent BDS win) about Ratboy by asking all the Dirt Miami-haters on here last month to remove the egg from their faces.

  11. Big Al

    Brill race and freecaster was excellent. Now I want to see my Fantasy points……. Come on Dirt xx

  12. RocketGon

    Greg Minnaar – a downhill mountain biker who can string more than two sentences together coherently and elegantly without dude, awesome, stoked, sick, rad, psyched, like-like-like, or pinned said once!
    Respect to the great man.

    Popping down to Ladbrokes later to see if they’ll take a bet on a Syndicate 1,2,3 before end of season! 😉

    Come on Ratboy!!!!

  13. Tom

    Gee “y’know” Atherton

  14. Deon

    ^^ Random loon alert

  15. alex

    minaar still has the fastest kabuto speed trap total http://www.mtbworldcup.com/dhi/speed_trap

  16. tom

    i think ‘the insider’ may have had too many of those new steroids himself

  17. Chris

    I don’t seem to like gwin either, he’s boring to watch…

  18. AD

    For “The Insider” Speaking of expensive medications, I think you’ve missed yours. Unless you’ve got some actual proof. Personally I think your full of crap! Let me guess, Gwin is beating your favorite rider.

  19. Trip

    The Insider best have some proof of those claims before he ends up in court!!

  20. Jay

    Arron gwin Boring to watch, may want to check out 3 minute gaps Dvd!

  21. Oran

    Wow Gee’s mechanic is probably definitely feeling the heat after that! Is it Stevie? Two Mechanicals in two races for a defending champion sketchy…

  22. Ollie

    uglier than Boy George in a keamotherapy unit! warners quote of the day

  23. Max

    Oran: Doesn’t matter how good your mechanic is you can still shred your tire off it has nothing to do with stevie doing something wrong. Gee is the one deciding tire pressure and he is the one riding too hard.

  24. alex

    or it could be faulty parts. sihimano and conti not using the 6sigma methedology

  25. darrimc30

    Danny Hart the new Gazza. Burp

  26. Iceman2058

    It’s impossible to hate on Gwin. Total pro, not a big head, humble and happy – and freakin awesome on the bike!!! Props to the dude!

  27. Hidden due to low

    Sorry to blow the big whistle (blah blah @TheInsider)…. but the reason The Trek riders are doing so well is they have a super professional set-up, the riders are amazingly fit (Gwinny is pushing 20 on the bleep tests), they have a strategy and ride very calculated, Whiteley gets there heads in gear using sports psychologists and his previous years of experimentation with aerodynamics etc is paying off.

    All this pro, tech and a super efficient bike, paired with extremely capable riders means Trek’s investment is paying off.
    Taking nothing away from the riders but put Gwin back on the Yeti team and Tracey on the Kona and maybe they would only be top 5 and not number 1.

    Whiteley deserves a lot of credit.

  28. Andy

    I don’t get the Gwin hating thing. The guy gives a good interview, does the right thing by thanking his team and sponsors, shows sportsmanship towards his opponent and seems like a genuinely nice dude (not to mention crazy fast).
    Two other points:
    1. I want to be interviewed by Nina.
    2. I never want to see Danny Hart that close again.

  29. jimjam

    Must get me some of them bike skill improving steroids alright.

  30. Ross

    There seems to be alot more Gwin fans than haters, I think he’s awesome, great attitude and fast as fook. I wonder how much time his detour off the track cost? Keep on it Gwinny.
    as an aside how would steroids and the associated muscle mass it brings help make you a faster downhiller? Its a mix of reactions, skill and fitness, not muscle mass. I did Dorian Yates rips on a downhill bike though! lol

  31. Leo

    Well, I’m definitely a Gwin fan.
    He’s super-quick, laidback, and so moto it’s unbelieveable.
    (I do know he rode moto for a long time)

    As for the steroid thing, is it not fairly obvious that was a joke?

  32. Leo

    OMG. McLovin is walking past behind Gee, over his right shoulder.

  33. morris Dancer aka Jonny Trance Fingers

    Yuuuussssss Gwin…. Yuuuuusssssss

  34. DH Web Kook

    Super stoked for Gwin. I remember seeing him out at Fontana (local SoCal series) smoking everyone and thinking, “who the hell is that guy?” Turns out it was his first downhill race. What?! Now he’s making history. It’s just great to see everything getting all mixed up and super crazy. I must agree, however, that these guys need to learn how to interview. Unless you’re winning every weekend, you better know how to sell bikes while not riding them. They need to learn from Fabien Barel. That guys makes me want to ride immediately because of how stoked he gets.

  35. jim

    To the aaron gwin haters, get a grip

  36. raddog

    Gwin is being super professional and just himself in a world where too many people try too hard to look and sound like something they are not. Now he gets hated on for being successful? Perhaps if he was a bit more sheep like you chemical drink guzzling idiots would like him a bit more.

  37. Stan

    I’d rather watch Some one trying to interview a brick wall than listen to another Gwin interview, yeah he rips it on a bike but good lord he’s boring. This is exactly what everyone was like in 06/07 when hill was killing it. Don’t know why everyone is so sensitive about others not liking the dude. Deal with it

  38. GDH

    First everyone hated on Sam for having “no personality” and now its Gwin because he “is boring”. As much as you would like to think it these riders are not doing this for your personal entertainment. They are professional bike riders, and thats what they need to be good at. Yes we all appreciate it when a rider can string a few sentences together, but this attitude that a rider sucks unless he entertains you like a movie star is pathetic.

  39. Jon P

    I think Gwin is brilliant on and off the bike. 100% professional at all times, seems very genuine and highly driven. Just dig out your old bike dvds (tipping point?!) and watch the Gwin section… He was always going to come good with time!

  40. Oran

    @Max I understand that its not Stevies fault but the way Gee was talking about it sounded like he was thinking about where the blame lies. Anyway whatever the reason TEAM Atherton would have been bloody awkward when he got back. You could see Dan was gutted too he didn’t even stop to acknowledge the hot seat, even with his mate Ben Reid on it at the time.

  41. Pete

    Gee had a very long walk, he must have been absolutely fuming by the time he got to the bottom, with racers going past him all the way down!


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