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DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne World Cup finals 2012

DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne World Cup finals 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Can any one stop Aaron Gwin?!!! Check out the amazing Parkins WC finals edit from Mont Sainte Anne.

Full results are here and here.

  1. darrenthepost

    I counted 28 “like”s during Rachel’s interview, yes I have too much time on my hands!

  2. iloper

    Highlights: Gees recovery. Hill not happy with result (COOL) and Gwin Super-focused racer…

    oh and the LP team…

  3. Ronin

    @darren – does that beat Gee’s “y’knows” ?

  4. cl2ment

    Thanks Dirt

  5. billy

    I’m still amazed by the amount of wheel deformation that Big Red shows, they seem to be all over the place going into corners. Well done Parkos!

  6. greenbadger

    check out gwinns chain at abt 6mins 30secs in the slo mo bit – is he not running one of them new clutched rear mechs?? if so doesn’t look to be doing much – his chain’s flapping about like a fat bird down the bingo! not surprised there were a fair few snapped (chains not fat birds!)

  7. Tepid

    Can we stop calling the Epic ‘Big Red’. It’s not even that big, its “compact”.

  8. billy

    @tepid, you can call it what you want. I’m going to carry on personifying it as a ginormous native Indian, or a massive farm yard rooster or a huge crimson monster truck:-)

  9. Benny

    Sam Hill is cool.

  10. Muska Pereira

    How I love this new format, with the new RED cameras…
    This was one of the most intense races, a lot of mechanicals, some crashes (Neko´s crash was scary to watch!!).

  11. Down&Dirty

    Nice one Rach it is shocking how media coverage of the women in DH doesnt get as much love as the mens.guess its a penis thing

  12. Down&Dirty

    Anyone else getting error submitting posts now and then its bloody annoying.
    Says slow down your posting to fast

  13. Eoin

    Sam Hill interview is epic… as always.

  14. Tino

    Hill is very cool for being straight when he is not quite up to speed and full of funny white lies when he is owning it. Hopefully see him do something very special by the end of the year with his confidence growing.

  15. Pez

    Does anyone else have a problem where the picture is alway a little glitchy and jumpy despite the video being fully buffered? :( only seems to do it on mpora vids which sucks cuz it ruins the epicness of them! :(

  16. Tom

    @Pez. No man, it’s only you.

  17. like, Lister, right, like?

    Well, like, after the last round, like I suggested, like, that the girls, right, like, should get like interviewed like,after the race right? like, well, right, like, I’ve changed my, like, mind.

    Top footage though, I like it!

  18. Sulley

    Like…! :)

  19. panzer

    Miss like-a-bike

  20. G

    Billy, funny the slowmo of Bulldogs Deemax doesn’t seem to deform at all.. Haven’t spent any time analysing the footage or anything but in the quest for a light DH bike are a lot of racers possibly using much less stiff rims?

    pretty mature interview from Rach, of course the Athertons talk funny they’re from Zummezett afterall 😉

    Loving Hills confidence, hope he continues to get faster, can’t honestly see anyone other than him (or Hart) catching upto Gwins pace.

  21. savdog

    slo mo of hill scrubbing the hip is mint

  22. Carl

    Don’t get why people think no-one can beat Gwin when Minnaar and Hart have? Yes its not at every event but he is beatable. Remember when Sam was dominating and everyone thought he was unstoppable? “The only thing constant is change”- Someone cleverer once said.
    Happy for Aaron and cant wait for the others to up their game again (Minnaar especially!)

  23. Dave

    Sam Hill gets an interview question worth listening to rather than the normal ‘so how’d it go rubbish’! We should post questions on here that we actually want to know the responses to in Windham.

  24. Dave

    just to clarify, i’m on about the live footage not Parkin or dirt footage. That’s flawless!

  25. Eoin

    @Carl The thing is there is an epic interview with gracia (in french) that came out this week and the stuff he is saying is insane. Obviously he is a little shook up from his crash, but it goes something along the lines of this: “Gwin is riding at 100%, Minnaar also, maybe 120%. The problem is almost everyone behind knows that they cant make time on the 2 top guys anywhere but the super-tech, so pretty much everyone else has to ride at 200% just to make time back on the tech sections. Which is why there are so many top guys crashing and injuring themselves.” It’s a really scary thought, he also has some pretty worrying comments about riders mentally getting blocked after injury, i.e. Hill, but he also mentions others. It’s crazy how honest he is, might be worth dirt getting their hands on it and throwing some old subtitles on it…

  26. abrigaos


  27. kimbers

    Theres only one happy person on the mens podium, the others taking it soo serious, they are feeling the pressure!

    oh and Gwin – Smell The Glove!!! had no idea he was a Spinal Tap fan

  28. nana gwin

    @Eoin good find, intresting stuff.. on a completly diffrent note, a Shimano one! has anyone noticed on Gwins bike and i think i saw them on brendogs bike, it looks like there using the shinny chrome finish XTR lever instead of the new black/gunmetal Saint lever…?

  29. iloper

    @Eoin where can i find that interview?



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