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DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne - Track Walk

DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne - Track Walk

Here we are at the 4th round of the World Cup, in Mont Sainte Anne. It’s looking like riders will be carrying a heck of a lot of speed on this track, it appears there isn’t a huge amount of tight technical sections. At the moment the track is looking pretty smooth, but come race day some big holes will sure to have formed.

  1. Jon

    Ohlala, never thought the almighty Parkin bro’s would miss that warp stabilizer and speed can’t be used in the same clip.

    1. mitsos

      No biggie though, ain’t it?

      1. Jon

        Hell no, no biggie at all. Just a little funny as Elisha Cuthbert would’ve said.

  2. TimBud

    Anyone know why Peat’s not there?

  3. Bon

    Usually Parkin track walk crap, ooh lets interview our friends cos they’re so cool. Yeah right, fuck the poor lads getting great results that never get any tv time, who’s opinion may actually be mildly interesting or at least different to the usual brendog ramblings. And why Wynn? As in just generally why?!!

    1. TimBud

      Who else would the interview then?… The Parkins are pretty much friends with everybody on the circuit.

      Maybe some of the MSA track marshals or fans… wouldn’t that be good watching for you!

  4. JC

    Easy there Ron, the vids are free remember. You don’t have to watch them.

    Are endless berms/rocks really of any interest unless you’re going to ride it? I thought what Brendan said was quite interesting.

    1. TimBud



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