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DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne Pre-Race chit chat

DirtTV: Mont Sainte Anne Pre-Race chit chat

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

It’s race day at MSA. Rain has just started falling. We grab a quick word with the World Cup riders just hours before the main event.

DirtTV:Mont Sainte Anne Pre Race chit chat >>

  1. derek


  2. Tim Lake

    I just hope that if it rains it rains for everyone.

  3. Smack

    Haha, the disappointed tone of “Oh cross country”

  4. Deon

    /borat … very ecxciiite

  5. omp

    i know xc boys love lycra, but thats just stupid!

  6. army dh team

    i’d of thought that canadian at the end would of got in fancy dress or some thing special for is mates first world cup, jeeeeez nice mate

  7. iloper

    Good coverage!

  8. Daire

    Comment deleted. No excessive swearing please, not on my beat.

  9. olliebongo

    Great interviews again Dirt TV, Nice one Bill. Gee-man cheery as always lol

  10. Melv

    Kenny Powers on Giant?

  11. Dan

    ‘oh, great…’


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