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DirtTV: Megavalanche Qualifying 2012

DirtTV: Megavalanche Qualifying 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Bonkers mass start qualifying action from the 2012 Megavalanche in Alpe d’Huez.

The Parkin Bros get airborne and bring us some great chopper cam action from the qualifying heats at the Mega.

Stay tuna-d for the epic finals vid coming soon!

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  1. RHS

    Well that wasn’t shit.

  2. TimBud

    Did the quali not finish in OZ this year?

  3. Sean

    ace, just seen myself making up 20 places on the start in Nico’s heat (finished 20th!)

  4. Tom

    Best Mega Quali video ever. Enjoy Yourself!!

  5. Eoin

    Jebus, Karim Amour isn’t the most polite chap is he? Starts yelling way before catching up and starts insulting people pretty much straight away… Class video tho, how come Blenki ended up so far back?

  6. hank

    I suppose Karim was yelling cause he’s pretty damn faster than most… and seems he had some salt in him after Ross “sticked” him at the beginning. I’d rather someone yell at me to move, than have someone elbow and then on purpose hang me out to dry on a corner…. nice ross.
    double props for a cool vid!

  7. rmac

    yeah karmin bit of a pillock, guess thats what you gotta do in mass events like this, but hes more imdimating the people to move over than catching them in the video cases

  8. rmac

    although in most cases hes faster, but why so much traffic in front of him then?

  9. Eoin

    It’s fine to yell at people to get out of the way, but he is throwing out the word “Putain” like no tomorrow, definitely not classy. Sure he probably crashed and needed to make up places for the final, but most people ride for fun, not to be insulted for no reason by the guy behind that hasn’t even caught up yet.

  10. Pablo Román

    Karim is always lime that, an a****le. :-)

  11. Andy

    Always remember watching Karim ages ago racing 4x on TV, I don’t think many riders liked him for some reason 😛

  12. dirt dodger

    just back from the Mega, let me tell you that when a frenchie or any other nationality comes up behind yelling you do NOT pull over, in fact i took quite a few of the mouthy buggers down who tried that tactic, that is what it’s all about. Aggression makes places in the Mega hence his actions and mine are exactly the same so i won’t slate him for that – if people are too damn soft to say F’OFF get past in the rough then that’s their own fault for being pussies 😉

  13. Part Time

    Brilliant, now the real bitching starts, anything to help speed up the demise of this nonsense.

  14. Richie

    He said he was leading his heat so maybe he was yelling at stragglers from the earlier heat.

  15. hank

    he was still hung out to dry by Ross…. so whats better, yelling like an ass, or purposely taking someone out?
    I don’t like to ride these races – did it once, gave up two times to people yelling (germans) behind me only to have to run over them and in fact also crash myself… I played hockey at a younger time and back then they’d get a knuckle sandwich for being such dicks.
    if you’ve got the balls to intimidate to pass someone, you better stay ahead. No matter who’s you are :-)

  16. Rats

    Sorry Hank but i suspect that even hockey players would find it hard to be intimidated by anyone who uses the phrase ‘knuckle sandwich’


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