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DirtTV: Leogang Downhill World Cup Finals 2011

DirtTV: Leogang Downhill World Cup Finals 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

http://mpora.com/videos/G0J1urFCX The UCI 2011 DownHill World Cup is turning into one of the most exciting race seasons for a long time. The finals in Leogang Austria were amazing.

Check out the super duper finals vid from Das Parkin Brozzers.

What an epic race!

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  1. tom

    great coverage time after time, thanks guys

  2. cooke

    brill vid as always dirt nice one

  3. TomD

    Been waiting for this one, Schweet!

  4. sam

    is it possible that clips are just better than flats, maybe thats why sam isn’t winning anymore

  5. Joey

    Pugin has got the same speedy eyebrows as Hill and Brosnan, haha…

  6. Sam

    getting a bit annoyed with Mpora not working :/

  7. Ismyheartbruised?

    Ok so forget the fitness, training and technique practice what I really need to be doing is clipping my feet to my bike, growing a play-off beard and getting double shots of Regain on my eyebrows.


  8. luke

    uh oh! it broke :(

  9. iloper

    where is the CG interview???

    Congrats Gwinny

  10. Brentstyle

    The faster riders seem to me to get lower over the bike, but keep there upper body looser and more mobile in corners. Can Gwinn confirm this is his aim? If so, how do I get there?

  11. Dirty Dee

    Doing some of the things this guy tells you will definitely help..

  12. ronin

    f’n bubba scrubbin’ gwin! clip or not to clip. didn’t you here gwin say one foot was out thru the nasty roots the whole time? it doesn’t matter when you’re on you’re on.

  13. Jack

    its cool cos they go fast!

  14. Josh

    Excellent as per. Loving the guy behind Brook Macdonald getting taken away by the bloke in army/police uniform at 4:28!

  15. Nozes

    Thanks Dirt,thanks Freecaster (flawless broadcast),we can’t really have it much better than this!
    …except maybe some words from CG,top performance from him in LeoG.
    Roll on MSA

  16. bozo

    Those clipped in guys just sailed over the double that caught out hill and peat.
    Pretty telling Hill casing that. Gwin coming from Moto, you’d think he’d be the last guy to ride clips, maybe they are the goods. Try keeping up with a clip pedal rider on your commute to work, they leave you in the dust in three pedal strokes. Must be tons of time they are making up on these flat sections.

  17. raddog

    A fast rider is fast no matter the pedals nor the shoes that he wears.

  18. Cam

    Umm Bozo Peat is a clipped in rider so I dont think the clips helped him get over the double that caught him out somehow……

  19. TimBud

    Great footage as ever, although Leogang doesn’t seem quite as photogenic as some of the other tracks.

  20. WAKi

    eee… Gwinny’s coach runs a proprietary crusade against clip-ins, saying only the top PROs can get some advantage by using them, he still suspects there’s more placebo than actual win. Best skill coaches in the world say it doesn’t matter, both have up&downs, and there’s more and more research destroying myths about clip-ins efficiency.

    And hehe bozo, My personal hobby is smoking out roadies on my CX with widebars and flats on the way to work. Why – because it is only a roadie than can get really upset taken over by a guy on such bike. As long as it is flat they catch up on me, but as soon as there’s a slightly longer uphill (especially a steep one) they’re left behind. Sometimes I smoke them on XC bike on uphills. You better do some strength training rather than put your money on certain type of pedals…

  21. jonzo


  22. Arthurfarta

    Go back to pinkbike waki :S

  23. Gekko

    Did Sam Hill crash in the Finals or was it just training?

  24. raddog

    @Gekko – I’m pretty sure his race run was clean. I think the off he had in the vid was taken from a practice run.

  25. snowball

    Crash is in practice, he doesn’t have the world champs jersey on

  26. Diddo

    Honestly, Sam looks fat. He’s really in a bad shape.

  27. Chris

    mitch delfs bars are hench!

  28. John Parkin

    We did get a Cedric interview, but by that point he was already pretty well into his “celebrating” and it didn’t really fit in the video…

  29. WAKi

    He got pissed between finishing his run and just after top boys left the podium?! +10 to RESPECT!!!

  30. iloper


    So what? Let us see the celebration. He deserves to be back in the top10. He’s iconic

    Good vid btw!

  31. marcus

    Guess some of the beauty of makin these is all the ridiculous footage we never get to see. Thanks for all the sick footage!!!!!!!!!

  32. rob

    dear Dirt, please can you make your videos available to be viewed full screen. Thanks

  33. stacy kohut
  34. Heidi

    No complaints on this end, silmpy a good piece.


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