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DirtTV: Leogang World Cup DH Helmet Cam

DirtTV: Leogang World Cup DH Helmet Cam

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt Norco team rider Dan Stanbridge is your pilot on this Austrian flight DNT003 which will be taking off from the top and landing at the bottom of the Leogang World Cup track. Light refreshments will be available, saftey exits are here…here and here!

Hold on to your saucer Mavis, Stanny is in the cockpit and giving it full banana (well half banana-it’s just a practise run, but you get the idea) down the Leogang, World Cup track in Austria.

Some say last years track has been dumbed down/bike parked a touch this year with the addition of a few big berms up top making the first off camber section easier. Whatever, it’s certainly made it faster and more fun. Rain has held off so far today but cut spikes are still a popular tyre choice.

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  1. Craigy

    Guy at 3:36, really? Grannying at World Cup level tut tut

  2. Ask Frank

    Just AWESOME….

  3. RHS

    Wow. He is FLYING at around 2:56 of the drop and into the trees

  4. TG333

    man the second part in the woods looks rad

  5. billy

    And Stanny, being the gent he is, even says “sorry”!

    Stanny told me this was a cruiser of a run, looked pretty flat out to me!!!

  6. ddmonkey

    Traffic! Stanny is so polite, what an ambassador for Dirt / Norco!

  7. Simon

    sick! what helmet camera is that?

  8. Deon

    LeoGANGBANG that was awesome!

  9. Dirt HQ

    That looks cool. I thought he was going to lose his head every time he went through a tunnel! Fast, good woods sections and tons of jumps. Like I say, cool.

  10. dirt dodger

    good camera that !! this is going to be an epic race, dry or wet and as for sorry – hahahaaaa, he had asked her twice hadn’t he? would have been a swift YOU F%%&&*** IDIOT F**** OFF if it was me – what a gent.

  11. Tom

    That looks so fun!

  12. Paul

    Track looks a lot of fun, and that helmet cam is much better than most that I’ve seen, especially since the vid isn’t even in HD.

  13. stooky

    Brilliant footage as always well maybe the best helet cam I ‘ve seen. however for some mental reason I just felt well weird that the camera was on the left of his head really strange.

    looks fast!

  14. Dave

    @Paul… looks like it could be a GoPro from its mount???. I managed to save up my pennies and bought myself one for my birthday and I am amazed at the quality and stability I get from the helmet mount. Stanny made the course look relaxed and easy so I am in awe of that!!!

  15. billy

    Dave, yes, shes a Go Pro. Exported it at 640*360 to keep the quality high and file size low!

  16. Gekko

    Did they change the bottom part of the track? Looks a little bit shorter than last year.

  17. XXXcore

    Why do I have to be so old for this awesome sport! I want to be 18 again!
    Can’t wait to see the race! Hill for the win?

  18. argh

    Billy, can you get Dan to record his final practice run, so we can see how much the course changes over the weekend ?

  19. Chris

    such a nice guy! Track looks awesome, I can’t wait to go there on sunday woot woot…

  20. Leon

    He’s a true English gent so polite 😛 !

    The track looks badass man!

  21. Mikes mum

    How is the Norco going? I really think it looks like a sweet bike. Norco always made good quality bikes, just lacked a bit on style in the past. Now seem to have caught up and made quite a beauty.

  22. Ed

    looks super fun!

  23. George j

    good work stanny track looks mental!!

  24. Daire

    Wow the track looks amazing, its like the idea mix between speed jumps, tech and steepness!

  25. billy

    argh, I’ll ask Stanny if he wants to do another, might get a different rider…got a data cam experiment to test!

  26. Mike

    The track looks absolutely brilliant, should be a good race!

  27. r_mac

    were are vids?

  28. billy

    Mpora is having a wobbly, should be working again in a bit. Soz about that!

  29. Tramontane Cycles

    That track looks great! I had arm pump by the first 60 seconds.
    Lets hope the weather holds up.

  30. Phil

    Billy, argh’s idea is great! I’m glad you think so too, let’s have a look at how much they tear that track up in 2-3 days worth of relentless shredding!

  31. billy

    Phil, only thing is it’s been pissing it down now, the chances of getting a clear run with no big blobs of mud on the lens are slim!

  32. JannerJon

    Totally needs a braking/pedalling gauge like in F1!

  33. Big Bird

    Out of the way fool! If he passes that many people on race day he’ll take the win for sure.

  34. tommy jeffs

    man i would so love to race world cups its just such an ausome sport and the tracks are so good


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