DirtTV: Leogang World Cup DH Helmet Cam

Dirt Norco team rider Dan Stanbridge is your pilot on this Austrian flight DNT003 which will be taking off from the top and landing at the bottom of the Leogang World Cup track. Light refreshments will be available, saftey exits are here…here and here!

Hold on to your saucer Mavis, Stanny is in the cockpit and giving it full banana (well half banana-it’s just a practise run, but you get the idea) down the Leogang, World Cup track in Austria.

Some say last years track has been dumbed down/bike parked a touch this year with the addition of a few big berms up top making the first off camber section easier. Whatever, it’s certainly made it faster and more fun. Rain has held off so far today but cut spikes are still a popular tyre choice.

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