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DirtTV: Leogang World Champs Day One Practice

DirtTV: Leogang World Champs Day One Practice

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Booosh!!! World Champs is go go go!!! Day one of World Champs practice at Leogang, Austria.http://mpora.com/videos/AAd99ggq2knr

In collaboration with Red Bull, DirtTV has been given access to the biggest one day event in downhill racing, the World Championships!

Catch all the action live here on Dirt and check out Redbull.com/bike for all the latest on Red Bull’s athletes and events.

  1. Leon

    Looking damned fast !
    Are they gonna put a chicken route around those big booters ? can forsee the women getting hurt otherwise :/

  2. billy

    Looks like they have a chicken run already. But being wooden they could always move the booters in a metre or so, couple of the blokes coming up short too. Did you see Stevie Smith at 2:56 catching the knuckle and buzzing his seat?!

    1. Leon

      Doh ! I should of thought they can move the ramp closer haha!

      Yeah it was that clip of smiths case that made me worry for the women 😛

      Good idea using the wooden moveable ramps , some of the crashes the women have had at some of the big jumps have been nasty lately…

  3. TimBud

    Yep, Danny Hart’s balls would have been ripped off if that happened to him

  4. bruno

    down hil pra mim e tudo

  5. patrick

    @billy: why is just the top half of the course covered in this edit?

    1. steeve

      as many guys say that time for training is short, some people may think, that there was not enough time to walk and film the whole track. just rumors.

    2. billy

      Yes, what Steeve says, Only 2 hours practice for the Elite men, so probably not enough time to film all the top guys all the way down the course. Don’t worry, they’ll be some lower slopes action in the next edit though!

  6. gregb

    Im guessing blenkys case on the 2nd jump is where he snapped his frame in a photo I saw on the facebooks?

  7. Smithers

    Aaron Gwin for longest time ever to put on goggles


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