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DirtTV: Leogang World Champs Practice Day Two

DirtTV: Leogang World Champs Practice Day Two

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The rain has come and the Leogang Bike Park track has turned into a real track! Day two action from the World Champs!

In collaboration with Red Bull, DirtTV has been given access to the biggest one day event in downhill racing, the World Championships!

Catch all the action live here on Dirt and check out Redbull.com/bike for all the latest on Red Bull’s athletes and events.

  1. Jerome

    Ahh… that got me stoked! time to ride!

  2. nub

    Ahhhhh that was sweet!!:D Thanks guys! :)

  3. Gor

    unbelievable how aggressive and fast these guys ride in these muddy conditions! Awesome!

  4. dave

    Billy how are they managing with those huge booters in the wet? I’d hate to see it end up like the ixs at inners and have everyone rolling them

    1. billy

      Dave, I’m not actually there! Someone has to sit at home and upload/post up all the vids/photos and news. So that’s me this year:-(

  5. Bren

    Hope it stays wet for the race !

  6. mellon

    One of the best DirtTV vids in a long long time. Captured the speed so well, fuck slo-mo

  7. Leon

    Fucking hell!
    It makes no sense to me how they can ride so fast in such conditions!

  8. nehuen93

    bulldog’s line at 0.46!!! dope!!!

  9. Fast&pink

    Would someone on a big team please give Sam Dale a proper pro deal?

  10. JC

    Nice one dirt, free vids are ace.

  11. Süni

    Whats the song?


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