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DirtTV: Leogang World Champs Finals 2012

DirtTV: Leogang World Champs Finals 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

How flipping exciting was the Champs?!!! Unbelievable action from the World Champs at Leogang right here!

Congrats to our Champs, Greg Minnaar, Morganne Charre, Loic Bruni and Holly Feniak!

Big up to the Parkin Bros who have been up all night to bring you the DirtTV World Champs finals video. Great work guys!

In collaboration with Red Bull, DirtTV has been given access to the biggest one day event in downhill racing, the World Championships!

Catch all the action live here on Dirt and check out Redbull.com/bike for all the latest on Red Bull’s athletes and events.

  1. Machete

    it was an amazing race but with a bit of an anti-climax. i didn’t want to see the main player go out with a mechanical.

  2. Dexta

    Did anyone get that huge feeling of pride wen Steve got that jersey iv bin watching him since I was ten me an my riding buds still Luk upto him 15 years later.awesome

    1. Pepe

      Steve is one of the coolest, if not the coolest rider on the circuit. and the fact that he competes with riders almost half his age reinforces it. At least we know we have a couple more years of it ! Enduro circuit is gonna be epic when all the DH retirees hit the races..

  3. Andy V

    THAT was an awesome video of an amazing day. Thank you!

  4. Part Time

    Loved watching it of course, but it just didn’t grab me as much this year.
    Was a shame to see Brosnan bin it so close to the start and a real pity to be robbed of a spectacular finale with Gwin hitting mechanical difficulty. Having said that, it was impossible to top Danny Harts run from last year.
    Well done to Greg though, a well deserved win for a great rider. Can’t believe it’s been 9 years since the last one.
    Also, i’m not so keen on the new, more professional (less drunk) Warner either…….

    1. scriz

      Have to agree… the coverage was just kind of dull, and the endless ‘motorway’ on this track really needs to go!! Too bad Leogang is back in 2013… and PMB for ‘world champs’ next year?! Give me a break.

      1. fordy

        ye its kinda sad that the next world champ could be an out and out pedaler and not the the best dh rider in the world, odd.

  5. Bartas

    what the name of the music in the first part??
    thank you !!!

  6. Foon

    Bartas> Pendulum – The Tempest

    As for Gwin, I reckon he went out in the upper section. The mechanical didn’t arrive just like that, so that’s a shame he was so far away, but this is racing and Greg definitely deserves his victory.

  7. Bartas

    Thank’s Foon!!!

  8. Conor

    Beaumont’s being picked on again haha!

  9. Oz

    Cedric = Legend. Great to see him on his feet again (almost) and showing the love for Steve. Great vid…thanks Dirt TV!

  10. ED

    Yes Gee I do know

  11. FreerideWriter

    HAha Gee does say “ya know…” every other sentence.

  12. Benny

    CG for President! Or at least in the commentators booth for Norway…..

    1. burns

      So much this!

    2. scriz

      +100 to this

  13. toony

    god damn, does anyone know the name of song number 2?
    CG you’re the man!

    1. toony

      @foon: thanks again!

  14. Pepe

    Gee : ‘You know’ 12 times in a 44 seconds interview.

  15. Skena

    Nice video !!! 3:30 song please ?

    1. toony

      same as the first one dude!!!
      Pendulum – The Tempest

      1. omar olvera

        thanks man

  16. Big G

    I’d like to thank red bull for the awesome footage of the live stream and the fact that i didn’t have to pay to watch worlds this year. Bloody good job chaps.

  17. Captain23

    “ye its kinda sad that the next world champ could be an out and out pedaler and not the the best dh rider in the world, odd.”

    Yeah, like who’s won on that PMB course before…oh yeah, the current World Champion and the current World Cup Champion. Wake up.

    1. scriz

      Right… how about Champery last year? No doubt that Gwin and Minaar are phenomenal riders and will do whatever it takes to win ( including pedaling until they puke ), but that doesn’t mean it’s good for the sport. It sucks the excitement out of racing when the top splits leave awesome riders with no chance to make the time back. It’s just the wrong direction for the sport. I want to see riders pinning over unbelievable gnar and taking lines that seem impossible… not fapping their 8″ travel squish machine to death along a fireroad. Dropper posts on a DH track? Get f’in real!!

      Take a look at the round-one PMB analysis from this year.. Bryceland lost 13 places on the flat while Graves gained 12.


  18. Benny boy

    Gee ‘loves it when its super tight’…..is that why he had a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle on the podium?! 2nd at the world champs is still an amazing achievement, cheer up…….you know!

    1. RootbeerNiner

      Gee looked pretty well made up with his spot.. hes a hardcore champion and does not settle well for less than 1st. He and Greg are on excellent terms and he knows if he lost to anyone, Greg he doesnt mind as much. Thought he showed right proper spirit congratulating him on his win right after Minnaar beat him.


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