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DirtTV: Leogang WC Friday Random Chit Chat

DirtTV: Leogang WC Friday Random Chit Chat

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Rob Warner shows us his amazing new iphone app, Adam Brayton gives us some bad news and Nico Vouilloz talks world cups. All this and more!

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  1. VonDH

    Top chit chat . Warners ring tones are a must for anyone that rides guys a legend could you imagine him commentating on the BBC.
    Brayton your the track walk king.

  2. jonzo

    Fair play Mythdog… still missing the Keswick banter though!

  3. craig

    R.I.P. brayton mears track walk. love from all with a sense of humour.

  4. max the welsh janner

    2 adverts after the vids now!! now i have to click close twice. such a chore..

  5. BRB


  6. oi you

    max the welsh janner! i used to have that problem but i’m on firefox with ad-blocker. haven’t seen an advert anywhere online this year! perfect for pinkbike and these horrible mpora sites.
    oh but good video!

  7. Phil

    Nico in a FOX racing hat? No more BOS?

  8. Nickkkk

    whatever you think of Rob Warner, this sport is so lucky to have him, not the sharpest broadcaster in sport lol but he has something, infinately more important: PERSONALITY. not a groundbreaking observation i know but boy do we need him! god bless ye Rob!

  9. martinv77

    The WarnerApp is awesome. Downloaded it right away.
    A must have for anyone who takes mountain biking (notso)serious

  10. JS

    That was a lame excuse Mr. Brayton. I mean, sometimes those track walks were even better than some of the actual riding videos. I do not believe they were consuming all that concentration. By the way, riding is not the only thing that gets you in a good team with all the sponsoring… Come on, bring them back mate

  11. jcthegc

    bro let him do what he needs to do to get up there and win stuff, if thats what he needs to do then you have no right i’d way rather see him winning races than watch him do a track walk, they were funny though


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