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DirtTV: La Bresse World Cup Qualifying

DirtTV: La Bresse World Cup Qualifying

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Aaron Gwin is unstoppable right now and has a good chance of taking the World Cup overall today in La Bresse.

(soz about the few audio glitches, the Parkins have been working super long days/nights and the red wine and cheese baguettes are taking their toll!)

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  1. joey

    well that was awesome! the shot of brendog and troy was insane, probably the best shot ive seen in a long time!!!

  2. Leon

    oooo nearly time , getting excited now :)

  3. jack

    best video in ages.. brendog and brosnan bit = amazing

  4. Jase

    I don’t often comment on these, but I have to say thats the BEST short race vid I’ve seen from Dirt TV so far.

    Great work!

  5. TimBud

    All the riders look like they’re having so much fun on that track.
    Can’t wait to watch the race in a few hours.

    @Brendog_1 and Bronsnan make such a rad team!

    When I saw the track photos on thursday, I was a little underwhelmed, but watching on film, it all looks so amazing.

  6. Craig McL

    Jesus christ the speed of these guys ! Looks like they all have a frickin motor on there bike

  7. cosse

    could watch this all day!!! rhad!

  8. craig

    al bond at 1 second amazing opening. best short film ever do a full length la bresse il buy it..

  9. C Finnimore

    Billy = Brilliant!

  10. C Finnimore

    Fk me, Minaar’s gone mad !

  11. TimBud

    Why was McDonald not riding the Undead?

  12. calmandh

    Could Klausmann GET any greener!?

  13. Eoin

    its been said a few time above, but needs to be said again: troy and brendog section is beyond amazing.

    Please make them do runs together in the next two races!!!

  14. mrozu

    Guys!! Tell me what is the tittle of this soundtrack? Sick ride !

  15. casio

    that was AWESOME, everyone looked pinned, Gwin looked so stylish!

  16. Marcus

    mrozu- beastie boys- ‘sabotage’

  17. gweggy

    awesome video!
    Yeah, I also saw the MS Evil guys not ride the undead in qualifying and final. I have no clue why, maybe they didn’t test it enough and felt faster on the old bikes.

  18. Jon P

    Bloody superb, banging tune, sweet footage, well done!

  19. Tim

    That was excellent. loved Gregs uber-hop onto the boardwalk – flat out.


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