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DirtTV: La Bresse World Cup Friday Practice

DirtTV: La Bresse World Cup Friday Practice

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

All the action from day one World Cup practice at La Bresse, France.

  1. Tom_

    Whoa, that just woke me up for good! Can’t wait for race day!

  2. gweggy

    I know, lots of people complained about the music in the videos from MSA and Windham. Well I never had a problem with it, but now I have to say, this is the best video from La Bresse so far, but with the worst music ever!!!!
    I love everything about this video, but the music! Please play Pendulum or ACDC or somethin like this in the next video!!!

  3. BeastonaBike

    I love the way when Sam Dale rips round that turn he makes this one rock spin for ages.

  4. colin

    nothing wrong with a bit of ministry for the soundtrack!

  5. Steffen

    That song was utter GASH

  6. rayhaan

    music, video, editing, the whole lot was awesome! If you don’t like the music either mute it, don’t watch it or go and make your own videos.

  7. mack

    no danny hart or sam blenkinsop :(

  8. zac

    Happy Birthday Needles ! great vid and song !

  9. Matt

    Yesssss!!! Ministry for the win!!! Love the vid and definitely the music.

  10. Showtime

    Splice in some flashes of strippers and some fire balls and voila! Crusty Demons of DH! Rad edit!

  11. Pete

    @gweggy (and all other haters!)

    No one cares what you think about the music. As rayhaan said, don’t listen to it if you don’t like it. They put a lot if time and effort into these videos. Give them some respect!

  12. Pete


  13. AJ

    we are so lucky to have videos of this quality showing us every aspect of the world cup. i have seen DH dvd’s that weren’t nearly as good. Track looks sick!

  14. Canuckian

    Does anyone know if this track has changed since 2009?

    – Maybe one of the riders will let us know in an interview?

  15. Pete

    All riders are saying it’s the exact same track

  16. Adam

    Haha Showtime think this was the crash section in crusty demons of dirt 3, takes me back!

  17. Yule Log

    This song was used in one of the Earthed movies, so you know it’s good. Great edit.

  18. simon

    go Ministry, fuck off Captain America! And I used to waste my time watching F1 on a sunday.

  19. MARK

    got to say sick as fu*k video gwiny putng it down and brendog hope he smashes it but that music was so bad what u playing at boys people listen to that anyway awesome vid right on for that

  20. Anoobis

    ha ha ha people bitching about music again, different people have different tastes – get over it. you’ll get a vid with your genre one day.
    parkin bros – please use this one in your next vid and give these girls something to really moan about:

    P.S. awesome footage, track looks mental fun.

  21. Mark

    As a massive Ministry fan, it was great to hear ‘Thieves’ – powerdrills and all. As the parent of a 6 year old and 4 year old who love to watch these videos, a soundtrack that uses ‘Motherfucker’ repeatedly isn’t that helpful.

    Footage was great.

  22. Cord

    If you don’t like this music, it’s cos your too young to be RAD. Good work Billy.

  23. Corey

    Ministry – Works well with DH. Good Shit!

  24. Deirdre

    I read all the comments first, and being an open minded chap I figured…’look at all the moaning marys, sure it can’t THAT bad’….I should also say I like to be the devil’s advocate usually, but mother of the divine jaysus that….that ‘song’….or whatever it was,…must indeed be the work of Beelzebub himself….It messed with my head, I was watching this sick footage, but my brain was like, where is that horrible angry noise eminating from?…..clearly someone never got hugged as a child,….not for me, no thanks.

    @Rayhaan, here you dropped your doody…..(hands him babies doody)…..we can say we don’t like something, it’s okay, some people out there, in the Iraq and such as, have different tastes.

  25. Carlos Gutierrez

    Anoobis….that song rules….cuf cuf bulls#@%t cuf cuf….jajajajaja…but it will be so funny to edit a video with that crap…jajajjaja

  26. Leon

    Wow I always thought needles was in his early 30’s HaHa
    Music was different , not my style but did not bother me in the slightest :)

  27. james

    These videos are F R E E…particularly aimed at the stereotyping transvestite Deirdre (the open minded chap), you are clearly pea brained so that is why a mere song could mess with your head myopic mind. Again I repeat these are F R E E therefore you really don’t have any right to complain at all about what soundtrack is attached to these videos. If you want to have a say, go back to watching X-Factor where you can have a vote and say whether you like it or not. You bigoted asshole.

  28. Pike

    Nothing wrong with the tunes – classic crusty/creatures of habit – the young ‘uns might need to google them…good work dirt tv

  29. Deirdre


    I think it’s a free society, no need to get personal old chap, lets not bring the tone of the forum down…surely someone can express their opinion?

  30. Matt

    Oh waaa waaa the music, what’s wrong with Ministry you chumps!?!?! I bet all you backwards cap wearing wiggers with your pants around your ass just want some lame “gangster” rap anyway, give me Ministry over that crap anyday.

  31. steveO

    waaarrrggghhhhh…… soooo gooooood…. chills at the start with the slow mo shizz… epic vid guys… GOOD song…..

  32. pinner

    the music was from super 8 in c.k section! and video was mint who cares about what music is playing

  33. cam

    “Lady in Red” by Chris De Burgh would have been a more appropriate choice of song.. ?

    great footage as always…


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