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DirtTV: La Bresse World Cup Friday Chit Chat

DirtTV: La Bresse World Cup Friday Chit Chat

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

First day of World Cup practice at La Bresse in France. We see what the word is on the WC street.

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  1. stacy kohut

    better than packing foam……
    or cardboard boxes.

  2. TimBud

    Fairclough quote of the day
    “They’ll be pretty stupid not to take me to Champery!”
    Can’t disagree with that.

  3. zak


  4. Matt

    Disappointed by the lack of a Micayla Gatto retort

  5. Pete

    @TimBud Totally agree!

  6. morris Dancer aka Jonny Trance Fingers

    All this ghetto body armour is a piss take.. Whats the big deal..?

  7. TimBud

    For some its probably a case of money… and somewhere to buy the stuff.

  8. Loonie

    You’re all so f***ing cool coz you can tape cardboard to you instead of using proper body armour.
    One race with this stipulation and they behaving like a bunch of stupid kids. It’s hardly gonna make a difference for a 2 min track. Just get over it.

  9. Loonie

    @TimBud – are they that unprofessional the team managers etc. wouldn’t have know about it? It’s not like the people messing with cardboard were privateers or even part of very small teams.

  10. JJ

    It is a bit weak that they are messing round with cardboard but I dont think they are trying to be cool, at the same time its weak that the authorities insist they have to wear body amour, this way they get to protest and still race. Power to the People yo!

  11. Grisha

    I’m pretty sure, that cardbord and tape is way more uncomfortable than proper body armour. And Loonie is right by saying, that they should have known about that early enough to think of a solution. Most of the clothing companies also make safety gear. And even if they don’t I don’t think it’s a big deal, because nobody will see what armour the riders are wearing under their jerseys anyway.

  12. Optimus Doddsy

    for all the fuckin effort of art attacking ” body armour ” to the inside of your shirt, wouldnt it just have been easier to wear body armour for one race, i mean heaven for bid this is the one race they crash and actually wish they had been wearing it! but i suppose fruit n fibre boxes were designed to act as elbow pads after they’d been used to hold cereal!

  13. Loonie

    spot on Doddsy

  14. Andy

    Seems very childish to people looking from outside the sport at people using cereal boxes as body armour. Wtf, just wear it stop being wusses.

  15. mack

    i really think its ridiculous what ben reid is doing.There asking you to wear body armour for YOUR safety,even though its not one of the toughest,steepest or roughest tracks on the world cup circuit a crash the wrong way can easily result in paralysation, touch wood. I think that very soon UCI are going to make body armour compulsary with the speeds increasing etc. Also ben is putting a bad example for the younger kids watching this,they will also think it is ”cool” to not wear it and end up in a bad state.

  16. Leo

    did Gwin say he can ride less conservatively now?
    If he’s been taking it easy how quick will he be when he goes for it?

  17. Jamie

    If any of the Cardboard Clad Crusaders go down and sustain an injury that proper pads would have prevented they’re going to look pretty stupid…

  18. savdog

    WTF has it got to do with anyone on here if ben reid wants to wear cardboard intead of “proper” elbow pads !!! if a rider doesn,t normally wear a backplate or elbow pads its gona be uncomfortable & slow them down !!

  19. TimBud

    @Loonie, its not about being unprofessional. Most teams and rider don’t have that bottomless budget like it was in the 90’s.

  20. mack

    @savdog your right in a way…However were more concerned then anything,nobody wants ben reid to have a big crash and really hurt himself because he was wearing ceareal .. It would be uncomfortable for the first couple of runs or so,but defiantly would not slow the riders down.

  21. savdog

    @mack yeah but if they dont normaly wear pads they,d get hurt anyway !! all these threads are full of talk about armour when we should be talking about the racing !!

  22. AD

    I don’t think it’s going to change the finishing order regardless of what type of protective gear is worn, especially if everybody has to wear it. So what’s the bid deal? It’s already been said on here somewhere that the teams have known about this rule for some time now. It wasn’t a big surprise as some on here would lead us to believe. Stop acting like children by pitching a fit when things don’t go exactly your way!

  23. Optimus Doddsy

    couldnt agree more AD, your guna tell me that elbow pads an a spine protector are guna potentially change the results of this race? i appreciate the comfort issue, understand totally, but i bet if it was suddenly the ‘ IN ‘ thing to wear a spine protector we would be seeing loads of them on the circuit all of a sudden, bit like neck braces!!

  24. Andy

    If they think they are so good that they think body armour slows them down maybe they should be wearing lycra again.

  25. JH

    Its ridiculous that you guys are calling these guys names because they don’t like being forced to wear something they don’t want to. It should be a personal choice, and he’s making his point. I’m sure Ben Reid knows the consequences of crashing, and hes made his decision, fair enough. It doesn’t concern any of you. This whole, “I can write on a forum, I know better than the pros” attitude is really starting to get to me…

  26. ben

    whats with the stickers on rachals shoulders?

  27. Optimus Doddsy

    @ AH, its a forum mate, so you can voice your opinions, at the end of the day i couldnt give a shit what they do, they are there own bosses, ill still enjoy watchin the racing whateva happens. and as for knowing better than the pros, far from it, i dont even race myself, like i say its an opinion and like assholes every1s got one.

  28. Optimus Doddsy

    that was ment to read @ JH my bad.

  29. stacy kohut

    ya ever stop to think that the only way to catch gwinn in the next couple years, would be to get reallyfit, pad up, and take some bigger chances out there with the line choic.

    why hold back the future of the sport( in SOOOOOOO many ways) by playing these childish games with rules ment to protect you and the insurance policies that allow a wc dh race to place.

    iam not saying it will come to this soon, but…………if ya had a choice bewtween racing and watching wc racers wearing good, quality protection, and really really going for it. or would ya rather watch trails and xc.and of course there would be no dh, cause the insurance costs would be waaaaaaaaaay to high.believe it or not, the corporate politically correctness police can make it all go away. just sayin….


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