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DirtTV: La Bresse World Cup Final Mens chit chat

DirtTV: La Bresse World Cup Final Mens chit chat

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Aaron Gwin made history today by becoming the first ever American man to win the overall World Cup Downhill title.
Check out the chat from Bryceland, Macdonald, Cathro, Cole, Barel, Gwin, Atherton and Minnaar.

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  1. stevo


  2. joey

    was it challenging fabien?

  3. jonzo

    Come on guys…. let’s have a bit of respect for the Fabster please!

  4. Finn

    Come on, Barel is one of the legands of our sport and he’s just announced his retirement! Give him some credit.

  5. Ross

    Looked challenging enough to me, especially at the speed they ride at. Any muppet can ride down it with their brakes full on. If Barel thinks its challenging then it is

  6. Doug

    I reckon the most challenging thing in downhill now is filing the void Fabian will leave


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