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DirtTV: La Bresse World Cup Chesty Cam

DirtTV: La Bresse World Cup Chesty Cam

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Say Bonjour to Dirt Norco rider Dan Stanbridge as he takes you on a French rollercoaster ride down the La Bresse World Cup track.

DirtTV: La Bresse Helmet Cam 2011 >>

  1. dirt dodger

    Only just making the bottom jump with a mahoooosive case – stanny best pick it up a bit if you ask me 😉 Jesus the slower guys/girls are going to have a struggle methinks – that track is gonna be lairy as !!! I

  2. billy

    That last jump has caused a few problems, Katy Curd took a big slam on it this morning. It was then shortened but still might be a problem if it rains and the take off becomes soft. Stanny was on a cruiser that run, he’s been doing suicide no handers on all other runs.

  3. Tinks

    Agreed Dirt Dodger that last jump could skeeeeeeeetchy! Especially if it rains that track has gotta be 75% off camber. Can’t wait. Such a shame Gracia isn’t there, imagine what he’d get up to on the finish jump!

  4. ddmonkey

    Given the number of crucifictions being recreated on this track, why not put one the Parkins vids to “If you have a cross to bear you may as well use it as a crutch” by Moloko? I reckon there could be some creative slow mo and normal / very rapid indeed editing to fit the music. Just a thought as it just popped up on my walkman! :)

  5. Jamie

    The French don’t know how to build jumps.

  6. Paco

    What’s happened to Gracia?

  7. mack

    @paco broken femur!

  8. Carlos

    @paco no broken femur! he had an ACL injury at the French championships and had to undergo surgery. It went ok so expect him to be riding soon.

  9. geetee

    Does anyone else think that headcams are better to watch tham chestcams? The handlebars sort of obstruct the view a bit.

    On the other hand, a big thumbs up for the excellent as ever coverage and updates. Thanks guys, greatly appreciated.

  10. billy

    Geetee, every time I post a helmet cam folk want a chesty and vice versa. I think the chesty gives a better feel for what it’s actually like to ride the track, where as the helmet mount gives a false sense of smoothness but possible a better view. If it’s wet I go for the helmet mount as it’s least likely to get mud on the lens if it’s dry I like the chesty.

  11. furaxrider

    @ Billy, do you know if the guys at gopro (or someone else) are working on something that eliminates a lot of the noise with the chest-cam setup? It sounds like little firecrackers are going off all the way down the trail, really annoying.

  12. Leon

    @furaxrider ,I think the thing you are describing is called volume control

  13. seb

    furaxrider: when I use mine I tie an old sock or a bit of innertube around the mount – makes all the difference!

  14. geetee

    @Billy – sorry mate! I will definitely wind my neck in!

  15. mr b

    Belleville Rendezvous – epic, my favourite film.
    Track looks good.
    Unlike certain other things i prefer chest to head where GoPros are concerned.

  16. mac_user

    Anybody having trouble recently with the video content appearing in the top left of the screen? but the controls are still in the webpage?

    Im viewing in safari on a mac… before all the mac haters start… Im not changing to a PC!

  17. craig

    head cam following a rider is the best view,

  18. Turman

    Billy, I’m having the same issue as mac_user. Alert the techies. Happens in Safari, but not Firefox.

  19. furaxrider

    @Leon, are you talking about volume on the camera? I don’t have a GoPro myself so I don’t know what kind of features they have. I DO know that every chest-cam run I see sounds like crap compared to the alternative helmet-cam. And if you’re talking about volume on my computer, that really doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with what’s recorded on the video. And I don’t want to watch it with no volume either. I know, I know, cry me a river.

  20. furaxrider

    @seb, Thanks man! I didn’t think I was the only one bothered by the ‘snap, crackle and pop’ sounds from the chest-cam videos.

  21. simon

    That looks great fun if you ask me,yeah shame about Cedric being out…. imagine what would happen on that last gap !!!

  22. billy

    Alerted the techies to the Safari issue.

    Will also look into the snap crackle and poppiness for the next helmet cam!

  23. adude

    So they build dodgy jumps AND force riders to wear body armour ? What exactly is the agenda here France ?!

  24. gweggy

    I think a chesty cam is better for filming a track, but the helmet is better for following another rider down a track.
    Nice video in my opinion!

  25. Matt

    Track looks like it will be fun, keep up the reporting, good stuff!

    Also got the safari issue. The vids do work ok on the main mpora site tho.

  26. Ali Todd

    Safari thing is just irritating. The video, on the other hand is not, and the track looks anything but. The jumps aren’t dodgy – if you really can’t cope with those, maybe rethink your place on the WC circuit. The body armour thing will be interesting, but it won’t kill anyone to wear a spine guard and elbow pads.


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