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DirtTV: La Bresse WC Finals Women's Chit Chat

DirtTV: La Bresse WC Finals Women's Chit Chat

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Tracy Moseley takes the win despite almost throwing it away on the first corner! Get all your La Bresse chat here.

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  1. craig

    I counted 10 like’s from rachel.

  2. morris Dancer aka Jonny Trance Fingers

    “YOU KNOW, LIKE” Your right Craig, Atherton trait..

  3. Badger

    Craig: So friggin what?!!! Rachel is an amazing sports woman and role model who is giving it her all on some of the most dangerous tracks in the world despite serious injuries that could end her career and all you can think about is that she says ‘like’ alot?!!! Do us all a favour and say something constructive for a change.

  4. Loonie

    @Badger . . . and part of a team that have more publicity, press attention and media coverage than most. Dealing with them should require a small amount of training on how to speak. They would all come across more professional.
    Just listen to Barel, Minnaar, Moseley, total pro’s in interviews AND on the track.

  5. Ceng

    Who was the guy holding the mic… KD Lang?

  6. badger

    So tell me, what’s the difference between Fabien saying challenging and Rachel saying like?

  7. ddmonkey

    Er… Barel is French and its not his native language?

  8. Loonie

    Challenging is a descriptive word and he doesn’t say :challenging,challenging,challenging,challenging,challenging,challenging desptite what you may read on here.
    Also English is not his first language, although spoken absolutely fantastically. For Rachel is supposedly is.

  9. dave

    jeez it’s getting like pink bike on here with all the bitchin’, give it a rest guys

  10. Jamie

    I really couldn’t care how many times someone says ‘like’ or whatever else, and I don’t think the riders need to be trained how to speak to the media, it’s an extreme sport, not cricket.

  11. Loonie

    @Jamie that’s so narrow minded – the media is what the sport needs – how do you think investment comes into it to progress it and develop teams and tracks and technology and amazing sites likes Freecaster to cover it. I remember being so chuffed seeing Steve Peat actually make it onto the BBC Sport website following his Worlds win. Yes they cover XC but to see an “extreme” sport on there was a break through. With all our current crop of amazing UK riders there should be more coverage. As we as Tracy M, Steve P, et al getting national recognition. We need embassadors for the sport not people who dumb it down to American Motor Sport Levels.

  12. Loonie

    sorry few typo’s ! but hope you get where I’m coming from.

    (*as well as. … ambassadors . . .)

  13. Jamie

    Meh, Freecaster is the media, probably one of the biggest media companys/providers or w/e when it comes to the World Cups yes? They’re obviously not overly concerned with the language and grammar used by the riders etc. as they employ Rob Warner, who would probably be the first to admit that he is not the most politically correct chap around, to commentate on their live coverage.

  14. Loonie

    Ha ha Really you are seriously misguided if you think Freecaster is what is meant when talking about media and it’s influence on the MTB market!

    And “meh” really? WTF.

  15. slamman

    Massive Congrats to Tracey, seems ages since she borrowed Helen Mortimers bike at the Malvern Classic and won her first race, Coors Eliminator i think it was. Rock on Girl! all the UK’s proud of you. Tracey is a true pro!:-)

  16. marki3boy

    These comments are like, you know, challenging.


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