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DirtTV: Interview with Chris Conroy - Yeti Cycles

DirtTV: Interview with Chris Conroy - Yeti Cycles

Yeti’s Chris Conroy dropped into Dirt HQ the other day and so we sat him in the hot seat for some questions about all things Yeti.

Please excuse the abrupt ending, we shot this on a new camera and didn’t realise that it has a maximum video record time of 20 minutes. Doh! Still, it cut out on the last answer so we didn’t miss too much.

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  1. luke

    That’s the best ending to an interview I’ve ever heard.

  2. Nick Hamilton

    Great Interview, really good to get inside the mind of a company like Yeti and hear what drives them to keep going.

    More of the same please!

  3. WAKi

    Great interview. Damn you Dirt guys are really doing some quality material that stands out big time from anything I saw this year “on the internet”. True dumb-stoke free stuff. Thanks for doing it for us!

    Now… I was fkng telling everyone how expensive those damn moulds are, nobody would believe me… definitely more expensive than fkng jigs used by fkng robots. So who still believes that in the future, carbon bikes will be cheaper to manufacture than aluminium ones?

  4. Rodney

    Good stuff Dirt. More interviews please.

  5. Mushy

    What a great insight! As Waki said, keep the quality stuff coming Dirt!

  6. Sharpy182

    Ed you did a great job! Great interview. I’ve also been enjoying the work steve has been doing at the races. keep it coming lads!


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