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DirtTV: Halo BDS Fort William Stanny Talkie Cam

DirtTV: Halo BDS Fort William Stanny Talkie Cam

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt Norco team rider Dan Stanbridge has been talking to himself again while riding. This time it’s the super gnarly Fort William track in Scotland for Halo BDS rd#2.

Fort Will is rough and physical! The usually verbose Stanny is choked for words while he struggles to breath on this physically demanding track!


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  1. iloper

    good work mate

  2. Tom

    You say weak Stanny but still much better than no running commentary!

  3. chavez

    Love these talkie cams! Good effort Stanny, cannot be easy!

  4. BHP

    They need to put a greasy spoon cafe at the Deer gate lay-by. sausage bap and cup’o’tea, chat and a fag innit, for us mere mortals (southern fairies) who get such bad arm pump by that point, without a rest i may as well have ridden a unicycle to the bottom for that amount of use my arms were after the fire road in a non-stop run.

  5. BHP

    Ace track though, and vid. showed how rough its getting.

  6. BHP

    100% respect to anyone who races there.

  7. Andy

    Damn that looks hard to ride down in one go…RESPECT!

  8. Leon

    Fair play to him for talking on a track like that , all I would be saying ‘ Oh fuck ‘

  9. Carl

    Broke my collar bone a couple years back at the Fprt in a SDA race and worat of all it was the first morning pratice too:( After getting healthy and eager to back and do my business I was yet again at the mercy of the Fort, thankfully with no mis-placed bones sticking out anywhere. Awesome track, awesome events, awesome people making it all happen. Thanks to all involved with making Fort BIll what it is and those who bring us the footage.

  10. ddmonkey

    What happened to Stanny in his race / seeding run?

  11. JD

    Its often windy when its blowing a gale??!!!Are the Met Office recruiting yet???!!!!

  12. Bedders

    Took me a few minutes to figure who Dan sounds like – its Willie Thorne from the snooker! Great work Dan.

  13. Morgan.p

    You make it look easy mate. great job.


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