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DirtTV: Hafjell World Cup - Qualifying

DirtTV: Hafjell World Cup - Qualifying

Boom! Check out this banger from the Parkin boys of yesterday’s Qualifying, in which Gee Atherton qualified fastest closely followed by Mick Hannah, the full men’s results are here.

In the women’s Rachel Atherton is still dominating the sport, but her rivals are getting closer and closer to her times, Emmeline Ragot is less than 1 second behind the time of Rachel. Full results are here.

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  1. Steve

    What’s with Brendog running one zero zero on his back, he think he’s lil Hanny?

    Also those 650b lappieres are making it easy!


  2. nate

    one of the best dirttv’s in a long time! and that is saying something. primetimestuff

  3. Mr_boo

    I see the Sheffield mates race has gone global. Question is are we gonna see more live coverage of this ghetto race?

  4. Jamazepam

    Song of the year! Even better watching bikes over it!


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