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DirtTV: Hafjell World Cup Finals 2012

DirtTV: Hafjell World Cup Finals 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Totally awesome World Cup finals video from the Parkin Bros at Hafjell!

AC/DC rock out as the action unfolds giving Devinci team manager Gabe Fox his best result ever as Stevie Smith takes the win, George Brannigan 2nd and Nick Beer 5th.

You also get a sneak preview of the next Dirt Magazine cover, shot by a suprised Duncan Philpott!

Big thanks to Rob and John Parkin for their amazing World Cup coverage this year! To output quality videos like this just hours after the event takes alot of hard work, late nights, early mornings and dedication. Cheers guys!

  1. Dennis

    Awesome. Exceptionally awesome GM on the stepdown at 5:26, getting launched out of the following corner. Shot of Stevie at 6:08, unreal, and the podium shots. Great work DirtTV.

  2. JamesLP

    Amazing work!!!

  3. Cyrus

    AC/DC + DH edits always = Awesome. Stevie Smith like a boss, handlebar ‘tache, droppin MF bombs, amazing. A well deserved win, all of Canada must be stoked.

  4. Leon

    Awesome edit man !
    It’s amazing how fast you guys get these edits made and posted !
    Stoked to ride now :)

  5. guido

    that’s what its all ABOOOOOOT

  6. Booboy

    Someone buy th guys a drink. Should release the season on the iTunes as I would buy it

  7. Chris

    Why did the thumbnail have to be a shot of the podium!!

  8. hurundi

    thanks dirt for the outstanding coverage of this years world cup! it was a joy watching your edits that were always released incredibly fast. big up to the guys who have spent the days filming and the nights cutting the awesome footage instead of joining the riders party.

  9. Benny

    The work on these edits all year has been amazing. Ive been out of the sport for 6 years, too long. I come back to it and how things have moved on, not only in riding and riders, but the quality of coverage.It has been mind blowing, congratulations and thankyou.

  10. dan j

    gabe…. weirdo

  11. billy


  12. Dexta

    Hats off boys that edit rocked

  13. Gert B. Fobe

    epic to the power of rad.

  14. Will Soffe

    So awesome to see the Devinci team manager literally speechless. Aw!

  15. Mike

    Massive props to all the dirt crew for the seasons coverage, you dudes don’t get the credit you deserve.

  16. L.E


  17. simon

    Come on guys, sort it out…been away riding for the weekend, come home and log on to Dirt Mag to watch a replay of the DH finals and a pic of Steve Smith tells me the result before I watch it, Ruined it for me, not the first time either. I bet I’m not alone – Don’t post a pic of the winner or the results on the home page, send a link…

    1. Erica Terwillegar

      Simon, be fair to the guys, its over 24 hrs since the race, Pinky, Vital etc all have the results splashed all over the screen. You can’t expect them to hide all references until you’ve watched the race.

    2. Chris

      Exact thing happened to me, I chose the dirt site for the replay because they don’t normally give the winner away on the homepage.

      Was very disappointed to see the thumbnail of the finals podium

      1. Eoin

        Come on how are people still complaining about this!!! I watch the replays after the races too, it’s so easy, either go directly to the red bull site or google “redbull dh replay name-of-venue 2012″. Watched about 4 races this year after they were over and didnt spoil any of them for myself. Everyone is always complaining about this country becoming a nanny state, yet most seem completely unable to figure basic things out by themselves, and then blame the people who provide the services. Rant over.

  18. Jack

    the reason gee keeps losing out by tenths of a second is because of that lid!!! its huge and has the aerodynamic efficiency of an elephant

  19. xcgeek.com

    that just made the season 3(x) better. rockin out Devinci. …the mustache and facial expressions of smith were out of control!

  20. Churchie

    Awesome coverage all year, thankyou. Here’s to next season!

  21. bedders

    Another fantastic race, and I’m still gobsmacked by “that” huck. I think it’ll take a while before I’m bored of watching that. Great to see a new winner and particularly Steve Smith, too good a rider not to win one. DH’s Andy Murray? OK maybe not.
    Also good to see Brannigan and Beer on the podium, particularly the latter after that crash at Val D’Isere. Can’t wait for 2013…

  22. Taco

    DirtTV and the Parkin bros….you guys are the BEST! Please make a good ole fashioned DH movie so we can manifest this goodness in one package. Cheers!

  23. Hoods

    Can’t wait for next season. Killer videos.

  24. Steve

    Gabe = Ron Jeremy. Haha. Iv watching this about 10 times in the past 2 days, Parkin Gold getting us pumped to ride with the AC/DC too! <3 Cant wait for next season boys, GREAT work!

  25. Parkin Bros

    Thanks for all the kind words people, it really means a lot to hear how much you have enjoyed the videos this year! John and Rob

  26. Tom

    Good to see some helicopter camera action too.

  27. Joel

    Sweet music and editing! Why have I been watching videos on pinkbike all year, I now have to ask myself? Best magazine also, without a doubt. This gets me fired up for next year already, should be an awesome battle between 6 or 7 guys each race, though Gwin will dominate at last a couple…we’ll see. Rachel is so nice to listen to.

  28. guido

    great year of edits guys. re soundtracking. I dunno about licensing issues but ive thought of 2 songs that would be mint with some real time footage: ‘la luna’ by Plank and ‘how to handle a rope’ by Queens of the stone age. off topic but best soundtracks ever were Earthed series. effin quality

  29. Johan

    Always awesome, thanks for yet another great season of coverage. This sport would not be the same without Dirttv


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