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DirtTV: 2013 Hafjell Finals

DirtTV: 2013 Hafjell Finals

The Parkin brothers have shot out the finals edit from Hafjell and it’s a banger as always. The rain came down hard in Hafjell and Steve Smith took the win in style. First place with Gee Back in 12th after coming to a stop on track further narrows the points gap going into the final round in Leogang next week.

Team of the day was Giant with Needles and Hart landing 2nd and 3rd with podium regulars Blenki and Minnaar rounding out the top 5. Steve Peat smashed a great result with 6th and two other Brit’s in the form of Matt Simmonds and Bernard Kerr made the top ten in Norway.

Overall the UK has had an amazing weekend of racing with Mike Jones, Innes Graham, Rachel Atherton, Manon Carpenter, Danny Hart, Steve Peat, Matt Simmonds and Bernard Kerr all making top ten’s.

  1. sponge bob

    As if this is out already! freaks!

  2. chibcha

    Team of the day was Giant with Needles, Hart AND Marcelo Gutierrez, above of Matt Simmonds and Bernard Kerr. Hey Dirt, not only UK people read your top quality content!

  3. xcgeek

    one of the better final edits of the year. conditions were right for some good shots. looked a bit slippery – @58sec Matt Simmonds SHREDDIN and the flawless execution from Marcelo Gutierrez @3:54… SICKIES!

  4. Andy V

    Mind…blown. Epic race and epic footage of the same.

    Love that shot of Blenkinsop drifting that wide-open high-speed corner. A proper use of slo-mo if there ever was.

  5. Eoin

    Amazing! How did they do this in less than 12 hours?!?! Do they have some software that reads the number-plates, selects clips of Blenki, Brendog and the top 10, then edits the video automatically or something 😛

    1. Leon

      Yeah I often wonder how they sort all the clips into rider sections soo quickly , maybe they have some way of ‘ tagging ‘ certain clips when filming so it makes it easier to collect them together ? how ever they do it , they do it fast and do it very well!

      1. Bobby Jay

        I’m going to guess that the tapes (hard drives) are all time coded. This might help with dropping the footage on to the timelines.

        Still doesn’t explain how they edit the footage into such great films in such short time periods. Talented guys! Well done, again.

        Also mad props to Steve Peat great result.

  6. PedOakley

    Yeeoww, soo good. Loved the intensity of the vid. Parkin boys should get down to cash for gold because that video is worth loads

  7. Tom

    Leogang is going to be epic! Can’t help feeling that Stevie now has the momentum to take it.

  8. TimBud

    Superb coverage chaps…love it.

    Always makes me laugh when I see DirtTV vids posted on pink bike. They never give any credit to Dirt at all… must be quite an inferiority complex they’re harbouring.

    1. Leon

      Thing is , Dirt TV is one of the few reasons that most people come to this site , lets be honest the news is pretty slow here , reviews are a rarity , seems like pinkbike getting these vids before dirt is kinda stealing some of Dirts unique thunder to me

      1. TimBud

        Completely agree. I hate that PB uses Dirt produced stuff without giving full credit… but then I do have a giggle pointing it out over there. 😉

  9. Tom

    Song ?!?!

  10. Steve

    It was good… But come on its not xc eliminator good!!


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