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DirtTV: The Gimp in O'Brien's Backyard

DirtTV: The Gimp in O'Brien's Backyard

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The funniest video you’ll watch this week. Photographer Victor Lucas caught up with Glyn O’Brien to shoot his backyard pumptrack for the latest issue of Dirt (#108).

Glyn tells Victor all about the mysterious “Gimp” character who helped build the pumptrack.

Co-stars Dirt Norco rider Ben Reid.



The Gimp in O

  1. Djmak

    Quality lads lol

  2. Kate (Dirt mag)

    Very funny! now all you girls out there… anyone else agree the Irish accent is so sexy…!?! 😉

  3. Victoria

    No…but that mask is really doing it for me!!!

  4. Anoobis

    proper funny. and a great little track. although add’s to the guilt that i haven’t build my own track yet!

  5. Big-G

    Some say the softest part of his body is his teeth. Fantastic.

  6. V

    haha, great vid.
    I agree with Kate… but accent is not the only sexy thing about Irish guys;)

  7. Renners

    …they have their own pump tracks?

  8. Bren

    More of this please :-)

  9. domm

    kate& v, you like the accent hey? some guys who live near my jumps have that accent. they seem like nice chaps maybe i could hook you up with a date?

    just one thing though…… do you like dags?

  10. billy

    Kate, do you want Victor Lucas’ phone number?

  11. Rory

    The Gimp is Gobzilla’s uncle rumour tells me.

  12. Daniel Blaney

    I think its Ben shes after

  13. Jessica

    Does anyone else think that Ben Reid is HOT STUFF!?

  14. Philipp

    Some say, he sleeps inside out. (The Gimp, not Baltic of course)

  15. rh

    I want one of those! (A gimp – not a pumptrack). Do CRC do ’em?

  16. Olliebongo

    Some say “The Gimp” created the offside rule, just to get Andy Gray off television. All we know is, he’s a killer pump track builder!!!

  17. Pager

    Haa good s–t! Sweet track sauce head…


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