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DirtTV: Fort William World Cup Track Walk

DirtTV: Fort William World Cup Track Walk

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

You know the drill by now, before the riders get to ride a World Cup track they have to check it out on foot and get their lines dialled in before the first day of practice. Get the low down on the 10th edition of this race from Steve peat and Dan Atherton amongst others as they brave the sunshine of Fort William!
Also catch one of the stars of Clay Porter and John Lawlor’s new film 3 Minute Gaps, Aaron Gwin as he runs through Fort William to make it to the premiere on time! The film was Clay Porter Production’s best effort yet and show cased some mind-blowing riding all the way through the film, a must watch for every downhill fan!

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  1. Dom

    Very, very excited. I know it’s been said a million times but Fabian really is an ace guy. So enthusiastic. I reckon a top 3 for him this weekend.

  2. Craigy

    Haha Steve Smith has pubes on his face

  3. Gwinny the Pooh

    Hope Affy does well, top 7 maybe – such an inspiration.

    Also looking forward to Cedric’s backflip 😉

  4. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    Has Steve Smith converted to Islam or something?

  5. Benji

    Fabian, Fabian, Fabian, Go, Go, Go!

  6. dirt dodger

    so after seeing theroad gap on video and watching Rach slide down it I wonder how many people are still going to say its not worth having or the landing isn’t steep OR ITS EASY …. yeah right, whatever fools thats gonna bring some action.

  7. dirt dodger

    i wish someone would tell steve smith to cut it off, he looks like a right knob – you are clearly too young to grow a beard – fluff aint cool Osama – amazing rider – shit facial hair.

  8. Dave

    Dude, it’s the NHL playoff’s and Vancouver is in the finals. Pretty sure it’s Canadian law to grow a playoff beard at this time.

  9. calmandh

    No, the gap isn’t bad, it’s class! Cedric suicided it in practice today, laughing as he went lol. :)

  10. ronin

    how can you not get stoked to ride when talking to Barel? infectious and all class. Dave’s right..it’s Canuck law on the fuzz.

  11. Phil

    Yeah, that’s fer sher a playoff beard. It don’t matter how thin it grows in, as long as your team wins! Go Canucks, Go Steve Smith!!!

  12. trototo

    anyone knows this song name?

  13. trototo

    gl to Fabien and Fairclough


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