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DirtTV: Fort William World Cup qualifying 2012

DirtTV: Fort William World Cup qualifying 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Boooosh! Fort William World Cup qualifying action is go go go!

  1. r mac


  2. PedOakley

    well gid

  3. Paddy

    been waiting for this all night. Definitely worth the wait. You guys have really stepped it up this year. Enjoying the music as well lot of my favourite bands and songs. Do you choose the music beforehand or put it on later? COME ON YOU BRITS!!!!

  4. tom

    sweet. give yourself a pat on the back dirt

  5. Fast&pink

    Graet vid, the Parkins seem to be on a whole new level this year!

  6. johnnymoanalot

    Clippy as fuck video

  7. johnnymoanalot

    stream quality not production.

  8. Daire

    Couldnt stop laughing at Gwin’s pedal story! So true! Gonna be an excellent race tomorrow. My moneys on Gwin and Rachel

  9. Steve

    6 minute+ Vids for Practice AND Qualis?!? Parkin Boys have it locked DOWN!.. Good effort boys, just what you want after coming home from the pub.

    GO’OON Gwindogg!!

  10. Joe

    Danny Hart is one little whipper of a whippet!

  11. t.odd

    seriously, fix that BS mpora player….skips non-stop, pauses, on every single browser….at least post it to youtube or vimeo if you aren’t going too update your player….killing more great parkin edits with BS player issues.

  12. iceman2058

    Maybe Gwin was told to try the home brand tyres again after running Minion’s last week…LOL…back to the Minion’s again I’d say…

  13. Paul

    what t.odd said.

  14. oxbox

    looking at the cable car interview maybe gwinny needed to put his teeth in before qualifying!!!

  15. Tom

    Top video as always, thanks for the coverage! Totally agree with t.odd though, Mpora player is such a POS, ruins the videos…

  16. joao

    does anybody know the song? nice one!

  17. Stephan

    stoked for Beaumont, the “lone ranger” on the gt team

  18. greg

    way to go! outstanding flick. I really like how you have moved a little bit closer to TriRides way of capturing the action with a larger emphasis on the bike, the terrain and how they work together/against each other, not just filming just the riders with half a bike underneath. Brilliant flick!

  19. Unstoppabl3

    Sicky wicky! Sweet. anybody know song?


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