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DirtTV: Fort William World Cup Finals

DirtTV: Fort William World Cup Finals

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Fort William ended up being one of the most exciting races in a long time with many of the up and coming riders breaking into the top ten and even onto the podium! It came right down to the wire with Danny Hart and Brook McDonald right on the heels of (now) 5 time winner Greg Minnaar.

American sensation Aaron Gwin was on a blisteringly fast run, 5 seconds up at the second split, before crashing in the lower section of the track. He will have had people scratching their heads for sure. In the women’s race Tracy Moseley made it two for two taking her fifth win in Fort William, taking a convincing lead in the overall into next weeks round in Leogang, Austria.

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  1. Dirty Dee

    Good god yes. Been waiting on this all day..

  2. Gabriele

    Yeah!!! Goo fast or go home!! ahahahah

  3. Jack

    So much rad/sick/loose riding packed into 1 video. Buzzin!

  4. samc

    thank you dirt tv and freecaster for covering a quality race just what i needed as im off my bike due to a broken foot, just cant wait to get back on it. this is going to be an interesting season. cheers for keeping the spirits up.

  5. Tom_

    BA BÄM … thumbs up to all those checking the dirt website at least every 5 minutes for this!

  6. Deon

    All I did the whole day long at work, was check whether the Dirt TV video was out yet! :)
    Good job boys!

  7. greg

    bloody brilliant! Proper track to proper racing

  8. Sandy McBain

    Stoked that I got our poster in this edit! Cheers guys!

  9. ronin

    what away to end my otherwise sh*t monday in the office. Thank you thank you Dirt for this!

  10. james

    almost got an oakley poidium sweep

  11. Finn

    What a video!!!!


  12. Gravityfrea

    According to Greg’s tweet – it’s five from ten not four.

  13. Alex

    what a birthday present :)

  14. Mary

    A bit less slow mow and it’d be spot on horse.

  15. Jack

    @Finn Bloc Party- Helicopter

  16. tatts

    Does anyone know why Sam Dale was riding a Transition instead of Sunn?

  17. binturong

    Danny Hart is so fast he was able to change his socks mid run….

  18. tom

    @Gravityfrea its 5 including 1 4x, 4 dh

  19. t.odd

    that was a sick edit, amazing work gents! really captured a lot of different stuff going on and cut it together perfectly, awesome!

  20. DAN W

    any one see the Gwin Crash? what happen to him?

  21. dirtybirdracing


  22. dave

    have the scores on the doors for the fantasy league been updated yet? :)

  23. Leon

    Man this season might just be the best season in a while with all these new riders moving up to the podium!!

  24. Destructor

    Watch out world 4 kiwis in the top ten!!!!

    We may only be 4 mill but we can shred the trails.

  25. kimbers

    gwin that guy is on fire this year!

    anyone know what hapened to fabien barel?

  26. raddog

    @kimbers – Fabien crashed out near the top. On freecaster he was standing up and it didn’t look that serious, but he made no attempt to rejoin the track so hopefully it was just his bike that was munted.

  27. kimbers

    cheers raddog

  28. Schweizkopf

    Best World Cup ever? Thought the track was a bit dull not as technical as was expecting. Bit too open. 4X, excepting the very random events of the big final, wasn’t a patch on the racing in South Africa.

  29. DIRT HQ

    Hey Schweizkopf, were you actually there?

  30. AD

    Chuck Norris wears Aaron Gwin Pajamas

  31. Ed

    sick race apart from the ‘big doon’. What was going on there? the most ‘french’ berms i’ve ever seen. They should have made them near vertical and pinged the riders out at warp speed in a direction that actually makes use of the wall ride.
    poor trail building right there

  32. HA

    Schweizkopf: you need your head looked at for saying Fort William is dull and not technical. Wasn’t a patch on South Africa? If you’re gay maybe. BEST RACE EVER THAT WEEKEND!

  33. Schweizkopf

    Yes I was there, just like I was there last year, along with Champery and Val di Sole. I only feel your blinkered, biased UK perspective bulled it up more than necessary. The track wasn’t as good as hyped and I’m looking forward to some decent Alpine action in a few weeks.

    @HA my comment about not a patch on South Africa referred to the 4x. Where I felt the track was better although (unlike Fort Bill) admittedly I didn’t go to South Africa and had to watch that on Freecaster so maybe that was not a fair comment.
    I don’t find your last non-capitalised comment appropriate and shows the level your brain is obviously working at.
    Dirt should ban stuff like that.

  34. Stu

    You are both tits I’m afraid

  35. JC

    Brits can’t be that blinkered Schweizkopf, Fort William has won the UCI’s best event almost every year.

  36. Schweizkopf

    Fair comment JC. It was just an antidote to the hype. As an event its brilliant, its just that its always billed as this mega-hardcore track.

  37. Schweizkopf

    By the way – good one Stu, nice added element to the debate. Why are you afraid? That must be some underlying Oedipal condition.

  38. Al

    Schweizkopf, you have an alternative view on this sport which is not shared by the majority of the people who organise and race in these events. Good for you but please take it back to pink bike.

  39. sulley

    Not bothered about the debate, i’m not 100% on the spelling but isn’t Schweizkopf german for “shithead”….? :)

  40. Ric

    Danny Hart… YOU BEAST!!

  41. Dave

    Somebody pls make a finals roundup with this sick tune


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