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DirtTV: Fort William World Cup Finals 2012

DirtTV: Fort William World Cup Finals 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Fort William DirtTV finals action from the Parkin Bros!

Just to shatter the illusion that life filming World Cups is easy. Here’s a photo of the Parkins and their luxurious Fort William accommodation, sleeping on the hard floor of a norovirus riddled hotel with two smelly room mates for four days.

  1. Tom_

    Awesome, truly awesome.
    And some Sven Martin comedy, love it!

  2. Eoin

    Amazing stuff. The DirtTV edits are outstanding this year!

  3. TimBud

    Great video!
    Glamour comes at a price eh. :)

    Doesn’t the RED camera have a setting to remove all that fog? 😉

  4. Barrycrankfire...

    Parkin bros gold..

  5. Joey

    vid’s are getting better and better – hard to top this one I’d say.
    I know how much work goes into it – still surprised they got it done in two days…well worth the wait.

    Also love the camcrane footage of the top section. Was that the one Porter was using (he’s a RED too)?

  6. kevin

    Parkin Bros do it again, can’t wait for the next one!

  7. Leon

    I think some one stole Gee’s icecream on the podium , he looked well miffed

  8. r mac

    love the vids and website, but no matter what browser or computer im on these vids will just not play right.

  9. C Finnimore

    Best weekend of the year.

    Until the next one.

    Who gives a shit about the live coverage when we can go in person and have this to come back to all for free? Smashin!

  10. Lister

    Amazing footage, quality coverage considering the conditions and the terrain…
    And this time we get to see some of the women riding their bikes but how about hearing them talk about their races next?
    Dirt and downhilling in general need to give the women more serious coverage to encourage more young riders…my kids love watching DH but my daughter is always asking where the girls are…
    Let’s face it, in a comparable sport like DH skiing the women race a different course, what the DH biking women do is cool and we need to see more.

  11. optimus doddsy

    Gee loves ” you know ” you know lol

  12. dhiobsessed

    With footage such as the cable cam at the top of the track and some great forest shots, it clearly shows how shit the RBMH footage is. They really need to step it up and get it right…

  13. Dan B

    Great edit. Gotta love Danny Harts attitude, great role model for the kids – Respectful but masses of desire to win.


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