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DirtTV: Finally III Episode 4

DirtTV: Finally III Episode 4

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Gwin takes the win in Mont Sainte Anne, Gee punctures and the young guns shine though!

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  1. matt

    Josh bryceland, if only

  2. gregb

    isn’t this part 4?

  3. Liam

    good footage but horrendous music, doesn’t go well at all…

  4. shakey

    F-yeah new school!

  5. billy

    @Liam, Sorry about the music, you lot asked for a DVD and the only way we can do that is to use rights free music. Count yourself lucky I don’t get my ukulele and tambourine out for the next one.

  6. 310

    finally boys a good episode, nice work.. keep it up!

  7. Paul Bettany no. 1 Fan

    I think I speak for most people when I say id rather good music than a DVD of something that I can watch for free online?
    Seriously, did those guys just forget to tune their guitars or is that the new hip, indie thing to do now?

  8. stacy kohut

    wheres the tri ride video?

  9. Jimmer

    Awesome filming, WANK MUSIC yet again, sort it out!

  10. billy

    @Stacy Ha, I can see that being your epitaph!

  11. billy

    Okay, so are you happy for no DVD but decent tunage?

  12. shakey

    Guys, feel free to look through thousands of copyright-free songs on the various websites, and find some better music which they can use without the fear of having their ass handed to them, along with an invoice for £100000 because they didn’t liscense music out officially!

  13. David

    i didn’t mind the music.

    moaning c**ts

    its free ffs

  14. DevinciIng

    The only song I like on finally 3 was the one in Part 1 South Africa. I prefer good music and no DVD IMO.

  15. DevinciIng

    I still really enjoy Finally 3 tho. Good job

  16. Chris

    @Billy: So are you gonna Bring out a DVD?!?! Screw the people who complain about the music, I cannot thank you guys enough for giving me great world cup footage!!

  17. Leon

    If you can’t get over the music with the great riding then some thing is not working in your head.
    I don’t like all the music chosen for Finally but it really don’t bother me that much when you consider not long ago you would have to do with Photos as your WC footage and maybe a few clips in rider section in DVD’s that you have to PAY for.
    It’s free enjoy it.

  18. conor

    The music is perfect its just these old dinosaurs cant get with the times just Sssshhhh and enjoy the FREE to watch Video, Or try make a better one haha

  19. gorsense

    I didn’t like the 1st song, but the rest was ok.
    Footage was great!

  20. Ben10

    I loved it! Thought the music worked really well, footage was great, its all good!

  21. James

    I would also like to express my displeasure about the music choice for the whole of this series. Even if it has to be rights free, is there nothing else other than all this terrible indie stuff?

    I still love watching tho don’t get the wrong idea, DirtTV is the BEST!

  22. Johan

    Killer footage, really brings back the summer afternoons with wc racing. The world would for sure be a fair few shades darker without Dirttv and their wc coverage.

  23. Craigybai

    Feckin slow mos

  24. digdog

    here’s an idea, turn the f**kin sound down, put your ipod on, and enjoy the FREE top quality video, you ungrateful c**ts.

  25. mat

    Gwin, yawn!

  26. christophe

    Thought the tunes were top drawer, much braver than standard issue AC/DC!

  27. matt

    it’s all brilliant music as well. thank you for making it…although if you want me to come out and film i’d be happy to.

  28. VonDH

    Sopa strikes again :(

  29. VonDH

    For Billy . dont know if anyone else is getting this problem only really started a few days back.
    after posting and refreshing the page i get
    error|Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that! and page doesnt load

  30. JoeBo

    You fucking morons, do you know how much the latest Pendulum song would cost for something like this?

  31. raddog

    Gwin already looked like he had won it in the interview 3 hours before the race. He’s got his racer head screwed on all right. It’s gonna take a lot to nudge that confidence. I can’t wait for the season to start! Roll on PeterMarrysBerg.

  32. andy

    I wish people would stop using “young gun” it is getting a bit annoying now, almost like those people that keep saying “at the end of the day”

  33. MoreT

    Where is Nathan Rennie ?????????????????????


  34. Rusty

    Do you know what? Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’d rather hear something I’ve not heard before rather than some played out, overused tracks that’s on every other edit out there.

    @Billy: I’d pay good money to hear you bust out the ukulele & tambo!

  35. heynaes

    awsome, great footage!
    @billy what´s the first song? i like it, want to hear more!

  36. Carl

    Good shots, couldn’t care less about the music. Those that complain stick on a track on youtube in another window and mute the video if its that important. Thanks to all that made the edit possible, inspiring stuff. The new title contenders remind me of Marco Simoncelli (RIP), when they get a whole race together they can beat anyone on any given day.

  37. Rob

    where on earth is the santa cruz syndicate??? Josh Bryceland getting second but only gets a small interview and clip of him riding over the line? bit shit. other than that, really good, cheers guys

  38. alex

    what was the music? I liked it…

  39. Jamie

    What a bunch of ungrateful willy wobblers. Man up and enjoy the riding ffs.

  40. Nutty Dave

    50% of the dirt community are cool, the other 50% are cry babys who will never be pleased with anything.

  41. mongo

    I really enjoyed that, the music was cool.

  42. generator

    What is last bands name please?

  43. Zero Cool

    If I really didn’t like the music I’d press the little Mute button on the computer and listen to something else while it was playing, but maybe all the videos out should use the same approved song? Everyone could vote on it and all web edits from now on could use it. Or we could have variety instead. It is free


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